Pune: PMC, administration single out ‘Lifeline’ for poor management at COEP jumbo hospital

Pune: PMC, administration single out ‘Lifeline’ for poor management at COEP jumbo hospital

Pune: The Lifeline agency, which runs the jumbo hospital Covid centre at COEP Shivajinagar is itself on ‘ventilator’ support. The agency is unable to provide oxygenated beds and ventilators along with the expert doctors and nurses staff for the jumbo hospital facility. Hence the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has issued a notice to ‘Lifeline’ and has sought explanation within 24 hours. 

Some patients have lost their lives just because oxygenated beds and ventilators could not be arranged in time. There are no expert doctors and nurses appointed along with a ventilator and oxygenated bed as mentioned in the work tender. Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar had demanded action against Lifeline, saying that the purpose of 'Jumbo' was not being achieved. Against this background, PMRDA has issued a notice to the agency.

There was no difference in functioning at the jumbo facility on Wednesday and Thursday, despite the deaths of the patients and the subsequent outrage. It was revealed that information about patients and the deceased is not being registered as there is no staff to do the work. Nine dead bodies were lying on the spot for hours as there was no ambulance to take the corpses to the cemetery. As soon as this situation was known, the PMC and district administration arranged ambulances and took away six bodies on Wednesday and three on Thursday for cremation.

Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao has pointed out that Lifeline has not added a single doctor in the last two days as the number of patients in jumbo hospital is increasing. After that, 12 doctors have been provided for the jumbo facility by the Pune Municipal Corporation and District Collector Office. Lifeline claims that doctors and nurses are not available. Therefore, the responsibility of running the jumbo has to be borne by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

While PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar and other senior police officers were in the premises of jumbo hospital on Wednesday night, the administration threatened to take legal action against the manager. 

Suhas Divase, Chief Executive Officer of PMRDA said, “Notice has been sent to Lifeline. The letter sent by Pune Municipal Corporation has stated that there have been complaints about inferior quality meals and treatment being provided at the jumbo hospital. An explanation has been sought within 24 hours and action will be taken through the committee once the explanation is submitted.”

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