Pune police will now SPOTT crooks faster

Pune police will now SPOTT crooks faster

Pune: In a major step towards keeping a check on criminals, wanted terrorists, Pune city police on Wednesday launched Artificial Intelligence backed ‘Surveillance of Potential Offender Through Technology’ (SPOTTer) kits.

Officials said that with the growing city size, population, sensitive government and military installations and VIP movement, Pune city brings in latest technologies or real-time security and surveillance for citizen safety and national security.

SPOTTer kit

The SPOTTer kit includes integrated hardware and Artificial Intelligence based Face Recognition (FR) technologies embedded with,

i.Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD)

ii.Surveillance Vehicle based Command Centres 

iii.Mobile-Cloud Technology

According to police officials, the Door Frame Metal Detectors-based SPOTTer Kit enables real-time SPOTTing of persons-of-interest through integrated cameras, Al hardware, Software and alerting system embedded in a plug-and-play carry-on case that can be deployed anywhere at any time. These DFMDs will be deployed in vulnerable public and sensitive locations for weeding out criminals and suspects in real time.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Bachchan Singh said that “Surveillance vehicle based SPOTTer kits have 360 degree view cameras with zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities that enable the deployment of mobile command centres that can be deployed anywhere-anytime for criminal and suspect tracking. The surveillance vehicle based command centres have in-built real-time Al-based hardware, software and alerting systems that can track criminal and suspect movement.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (special branch) Mitesh Ghatte added, “Mobile App based SPOTTer technology has been built to enable on-the-ground policemen and beat marshals to upload a picture of suspect in real time to match against the criminal database, using handheld devices. Immediate action can be taken when a match is found. This technology is extremely handy, as information is available to all the security personnel at their fingertips.”

The SPOTTer Kits are also connected to the central control room and mobile apps to build redundancy for surveillance alerts and real-time action.

These SPOTTer kits have been developed and deployed by the Pune police in coordination with The Manipal Group entities, Manipal Technologies Limited and Vijria Labs. 

The key officers who were instrumental in enabling the SPOTTer Kits are Deputy Commissioner of Police Bachchan Singh, Mitesh Ghatte, Inspector Pasalkar of special branch and Inspector Ghodekar of Wireless Division.

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