Pune Porsche Case: All recent updates

Pune Porsche Accident: In a horrid incident in the wee hours of last Sunday, a 17-year-old Pune teen allegedly killed two young techies by ramming his Porsche onto their motorbike.
Pune Porsche Case: All recent updates
Pune Porsche Case: All recent updates Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

The victim's family, Pune Police and local politicians are demanding that the minor be tried in court like an adult.

The underage teen has been charged under the Section 185 (driving under the influence of alcohol) and culpable homicide under Section 304.
Police Reports.

The juvenile was presented in front of the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) which granted him the bail with a task of writing 300-word essay. However in the recent updates the teen's bail is cancelled and he will be sent to the Observation Home till June 5.

The Police also reported that the boy was drunk and might have been drinking the car at a speed of 200 km/hr. A witness saw Ashwini take a 20m high fall as she lost her life at the spot and Aneesh fell onto another parked car and eventually lost his life to the unfortunate crash.

Less than a hour after the accident, the local MLA SUnil Tingre was also seen at the Police Station and now has some brows tingling as this might have caused the delay in the Alcohol Test, however, the MLA insisted this was not at all to put any pressure on the Police.

When the father of the accused was questioned he said;

“You can check my call records… I have not made any call to a police officer or politician to make the case weak against the accused. My political opponents are trying to spread canards to defame me,” he told The Indian Express.

The two killed were only 24 years old, Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshtha, they were young engineers who both hailed from small cities and left their homes to fulfil their dreams.

"The Porsche case" is a saga of endless pain for these two homes, in Jabalpur Ashwini's mother Mamta is still in shock;

"We were supposed to send her off in a doli (to the groom's house) after her wedding, but we were forced to carry her arthi (pier)"

Ashwini's family wants justice for her, they want a stringent punishment against the minor boy and his parents.

The Juvenile Justice Board of Pune also heard the application of the Pune Police to try the 17 year old accused as an adult.

Aneesh Awadhiya(left) and Ashwini Koshtha (right)
Aneesh Awadhiya(left) and Ashwini Koshtha (right)

A group of friends had congregated for dinner and on their way back things went horribly wrong in the early hours of sunday when the motorbike Aneesh and Ashwini were on hit by a Porsche driven by a 17 year old in the Kalyani Nagar locality of Pune. Ashwini died on the spot, Aneesh took his last breaths as he lost his life in the hospital.

The Pune Police arrested the boy and was put behind the bars of the Yerawada Police station. He hails form a prominent relator family in Pune.

The Pune Police Commisioner, Amitesh Kumar told the media that they have evidence from the CCTV camera that the boy had been drinking late the previous night in two restaurants before the accident . When questioned further he slammed the claims that the Police were going slow on the case due to pressure.

“I am ready to debate with anyone on this. Generally, in cases of minors, Section 304A is invoked. But considering the heinous nature of the incident, we have invoked Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which deals with culpable homicide. We also tried to get court permission to try him as an adult which was rejected. But will appeal against that in the Session’s Court."
Amitesh Kumar, Commisioner of Police, Pune
The porsche was reportedly being driven at 200km/hr
The porsche was reportedly being driven at 200km/hr

The commissioner further said that the Crime Branch has been working on the case and has been tasked to investigate thoroughly the offences registered against the restaurant that served the underage boy the alcohol. It was a group of 10 to 12 boys served liquor including vodka, whiskey, and beer along with the food. The police has filed an offence against both the restaurant owners and the father for handing him the car and allowing him to drink.

A team of the Crime Branch also visited the minor boy's school to confirm his age said one of the sources.

The father had planned an elaborate escape but the cops had him tracked down, to mislead the cops the man took his car out from his home and asked his driver to take the car to Mumbai. He asked another driver to take off to Goa, on the way to Mumbai he got off and used his friend's car to head towards Aurangabad. He also used a different SIM card, however later in the night, in a raid he was arrested.

The father of the 17 year old, Vishal Agarwal, a real estate developer, was sent to two days custody as he failed to corporate with the Police. At the time of arrest he was carrying a simple Nokia phone and a Kia car, which are both confiscated.

In the latest updates, the teen's bail is cancelled and he will be sent to the Observation Home till June 5. The Police say that the 17 year old is better inside as he could be attacked and the people are safe if he is inside.

The defense counsel presented the point that the teen was suffering from depression an that is what got him in the habit of drinking, the boy needs his mother at this point.

The UP government looking at the Pune Porsche case has decided to reopen a similar case involving a 15 year old repeat offender.

In a massive attempt to curb illegal activities operating under the Pune city limits following the Porsche crash, the district administration on Wednesday demolished two city Pubs as they were seen flouting laws.

The father and the grandfather of the teen are also taken into confinement as they tried to falsely forced their driver to confess to have been driving at the night of the accident.

The driver was confined in their bungalow from May 19 to May 20 before his wife came to his rescue and freed him.

The father and the grandfather now face the charges under IPC sections 365 and 368 for kidnapping and forceful confinement. The father is now sent in judicial custody till June 7.

A rap song allegedly featuring the teenager, displaying the act of how the boy got away with the car crash went viral on social media, the mother sent out a video message saying that it is not her son in the video. The Pune Police have clarified the misinforming viral video and said it was posted through a fak account and that the teenager had no part in it.

People circulated this fake video posted by a social media influencer however the Pune Police has clarified that it is not the teenager.

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