Pune: Present the financial status of PMC at the General Assembly promptly, says Aba Bagul

Pune: Present the financial status of PMC at the General Assembly promptly, says Aba Bagul

Pune: Aba Bagul, group leader of the Congress party in Pune stated that keeping in mind the financial burden of COVID-19 outbreak, the payment of taxes, an expense report needed to be compiled to understand the financial condition of the Pune Municipal Corporation. He also added that it should be presented before the general body meeting and an emergency meeting should be held sooner.

It was recognised that after the coronavirus pandemic there would be a financial strain on the Pune Municipal Corporation. Ruling BJP office-bearers should have convened meetings of the party leaders to convince all parties about the economic situation of the PMC. But the demands of the meetings were ignored, Bagul alleged.

The administration should have pursued the recovery of arrears when the rising costs were noticed, the office-bearers should have insisted, Bagul said in the letter.

After the Urban Poor Scheme ran out of funds, the Standing Committee decided to allocate Rs 5 crore.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Aba Bagul said, "Earlier, I gave the option of insuring every citizen to the administration. It was suggested to take out insurance of Rs 200,000 for a period of nine months at the rate of Rs 800 per person. One lakh assistance is given in the urban poor scheme, instead of insurance, millions of citizens could have been insured at a lower cost. Still, the option of insurance should be considered, so that millions of Punekars can get insurance of Rs 2 lakh at a premium of Rs 800, and from that, Punekars can get treatment for COVID-19."

He also added, "The financial condition of the corporation has deteriorated. Such information is understood from the discussions in the newspaper and the standing committee. Due to the lack of planning in the corporation, there is no balance between what exactly the expenditure is on. This is the first time that the Pune Municipal Corporation has come under fire due to the wrong policies of the ruling BJP."

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