Pune ready to battle the second wave of COVID-19?
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Pune ready to battle the second wave of COVID-19?

Cases of novel coronavirus will surge in December and January

It is estimated that in the second wave of a novel coronavirus, 2,500 new patients will be infected daily in Pune city. The administration has geared up to tackle every condition as an adequate number of ICU (Intensive Care Units) and oxygenated beds will be available in two Jumbo COVID Hospital, including Naidu Hospital. At the same time, tests for COVID-19 will be increased to 6,000.

On the other hand, the 94 private hospitals acquired by the municipal corporation has about 19,442 beds. Of these, 4,084 patients will get oxygenated beds while 750 ventilators will be on stand-by. Also, private hospitals will be re-occupied as per the requirement, Additional Municipal Commissioner of PMC, Rubal Agarwal said.

Health experts have predicted that the COVID cases in the city may surge in December and January. It is predicted that the cases will increase after celebration Diwali. Against this backdrop, the Municipal Corporation has planned to expand the healthcare system and provide timely treatment to the patients in the city.

In the previous phase, a maximum of 2,500 patients were found in a single day. This number is likely to remain the same in the new phase. So, it is recorded that maximum 17,500 patients are undergoing treatment in one day. The number of patients receiving treatment in one day will increase from 20,000 to 21,000, Dr Sanjeev Wavre, Assistant Health Chief at PMC explained.

In the first phase, there was a shortage of medicines, manpower and mainly, the specialist doctors in many places. This led to difficulties in the treatment of critically ill patients. However, the municipal hospitals, including Jumbo, will now focus on providing adequate staff at places and even in private hospitals, the municipal health department said.

Rubal Agarwal informed, "Those in contact with new COVID patients will be tested and will be asked to isolate if needed. An arrangement will be in place as if the patient is found in serious condition he or she will be given treatment in the first phase (injections). This will help to contain the infection and reduce the mortality rate.

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