Pune: Replica of dead bison put up with an apology
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Pune: Replica of dead bison put up with an apology

The animal had suffered serious injuries after it panicked due to the human crowd shouting around him

Pune: Murudkar Zendewale, the renowned manufacturer and seller of Puneri pheta, flags and badges, has paid tribute to the Indian Bison (Gaur) which died immediately after a six-hour long rescue operation in Kothrud on Wednesday. Murudkar has put up a replica of the bison outside their shop and has apologised for not being able to save it.

The animal had suffered serious injuries after it panicked due to the human crowd shouting around him and bashed its head on the compound walls and some vehicles in the area. Several environmentalists, nature lovers and animal lovers had pointed out to the fact that standard operating procedure (SOP) was not followed by the forest officials and other government officials while rescuing the animal. As a result, activists had raised questions on whether the irresponsible human behaviour was responsible for the death of the animal.


The age of the Indian Bison spotted at Kothrud was four years old. The animal was first spotted at around 5.30 am on Wednesday (December 9) at lane number 1 of the Mahatma society by some residents who had stepped out for a morning walk.

Sources say that the Bison had come from the jungle area surrounding the National Defense Academy (NDA) and lost his way. The animal then strayed into the Mahatma Society area.

Initially, some people saw him and thought it was a cow or buffalo and neglected it. However, some residents realised that it was an Indian Bison after which panic set in amongst them. The news of an Indian Bison entering a human colony spread like a wildfire in the area. A few hundred people came out on roads and near the society to 'have a look' and possibly click a selfie or photo with the animal.

Upon seeing human crowds gathering nearby, the Indian Bison panicked and started hitting walls of bungalows inside the Mahatma Society. Due to this, he got injuries on his head and nose.

The Indian Bison had panicked and tried to run away from the crowd. He jumped over the Mahatma Society compound wall. The animal then went towards Bhusari Colony, Gadiya Estate, Bharati Nagar and then landed on the main Paud Road.

The team of forest officials was following the animal. They had to tranquilize him and shot three darts, however the attempt failed. Large number of people were also following the team and shouting loudly. The animal which was already panicked had by then travelled six to seven kilometres and was headed towards the jungle area near the old garbage depot.

After three hours of chase and efforts, the Indian Bison got trapped in a net laid at the Rutugandh bungalow in Bharati Nagar society on Paud Road. He was sedated by the forest officials and taken away in a van. However, he succumbed to the injuries within a few minutes after he was rescued.

During his entire seven kilometre run, the animal did not attack or injure any human in his way. If people had behaved responsibly, the animal would have not panicked and his life could have been saved.

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