Pune: Ruby Hall performs liver transplant on HIV positive patient
Pune: Ruby Hall performs liver transplant on HIV positive patient

Pune: Doctors at the Ruby Hall Clinic in the city achieved a liver transplant from a brain-dead donor to a recipient with a pre-existing HIV condition. The liver transplant team at the hospital completed the transplant successfully, to be one of only a few of liver transplant in the nation to have successfully done so far. General

A 54-year-old HIV-infected patient recently undergone a successful liver transplant at a reputed private hospital in Pune. This patient was suffering from the last stage of liver disease. The transplant is claimed to be the first such in the city.

HIV had caused the patient to have 'immunological damage'. The MELD test, which was performed to understand how sick the patient was and how much he needs for a transplant, concluded that if he did not receive a liver within three months, his life could be in danger. Like other HIV patients, he was receiving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART).

Dr Manoj Srivastava, Chief Liver Transplant Specialist at the Dr Rela Institute at the Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “The surgery was more challenging because of the HIV infection and the current concern about COVID-19, in addition to the decisions he always makes when transplanting. Strict measures were taken to prevent the risk of infection. Very few and least the medical staff were in the room during the surgery. In addition, the surgery was performed using a PPE kit and following the guidelines.”

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