Pune: Sale of hand sanitisers plunged; rates dropped by 50 per cent

Pune: Sale of hand sanitisers plunged; rates dropped by 50 per cent

Prices for sanitisers had skyrocketed since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Some manufacturers sold sanitisers at the exorbitant price until June. Inferior quality sanitisers from unregistered brands were also being sold at inflated rates but currently, hundreds of new sanitiser manufacturers have entered the market resulting in the decline in the sale. Moreover, income has also increased since sugar factories started producing sanitisers. The Food and Drug Administration set its MRP rates. As a result, sanitiser prices have dropped by 50 per cent. The sale has plunged down compared to the initial phase of the COVID-19 outbreak.

During March, when the pandemic started making its wave, people were keen on buying sanitisers and soaps. With lockdown relaxations, permitting people to visit public places and also offices reopen, sales of hand sanitisers to be compulsorily placed at the places have started to rise.

Vijay Wable, Managing Director, Malegaon Sugar Factory, said, “Currently, sanitisers are being produced and the consumption is high. Sanitisers are being sold in the market. But most sanitisers are being sold to factory members.”

“There are over 5,000 brands of sanitisers available in the market. Since the sugar factories have started developing the sanitisers, the prices of disinfectant have also been reduced and are now been sold at half rate. These days, more attention is being paid by the citizens to increase immunity,” Prashant Shinde, who is a distributor, informed.


  • 5 litre: Rs 2,500
  • 1 litre: Rs 500
  • Half litre: Rs 250

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