Pune: Situation at Jumbo Hospital improves with video call facility, updated dashboards

Pune: Situation at Jumbo Hospital improves with video call facility, updated dashboards

Pune: The officers and doctors will now be able to get real-time information on the improvement or about the deterioration in the health of patients at Jumbo Hospital.

For this, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has implemented a system and will be able to understand the current condition of the patient as well as according to the display information about the bed number of the patient. Even the Information about ventilators patients and other devices connected to the bed can be accessed directly through this system.

The agency functioning a jumbo COVID-19 facility in Pune withdrawn and interim arrangements were made in place to keep it functional, Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao earlier stated. The Lifeline Hospitals Pvt Ltd, the agency was issued a notice after multiple lapses were witnessed at the facility located on the COEP ground.

The situation at the Jumbo Hospital is slowly improving. With the availability of medical manpower, treatment, the centre has also issued an admission policy for the patients.

The number of patients has also been increased. CCTVs have been installed around the hospital to monitor these patients. In addition, a dashboard has been created to keep information of patients, their treatment and current status. According to the bed number on this dashboard, it is possible to see the information on the patient's heart rate, oxygen level too.

The patients who are in critical condition are exposed to a red band. Therefore, it will be possible for doctors who come after shift change to check these patients first.  This information management system keeps detailed records of patients from admission to discharge.

A command room has been created here. Doctors and management will be able to see the actual treatment of patients in ICU and other wards and their condition on the screen. Also, patient details will be updated on the internal dashboard.

Relatives are expressing satisfaction that the video call facility at Jumbo COVID Hospital allows them to interact directly with patients. So far, more than 200 relatives have interacted with patients through video calls. Due to this facility, the doubts and fears of the citizens are being removed and the citizens are expressing their satisfaction as they understand the well-being of the patients.

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