Pune: Sneezing and coughing? Nothing to be afraid of, just follow doctors' advice
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Pune: Sneezing and coughing? Nothing to be afraid of, just follow doctors' advice

Amid rising cases of COVID-19, nothing to be afraid of, follow doctors’ advice, say Pune's medical experts

Pune: Cases of flu, common cold and cough are on the rise in Pune and while doctors in the city are guiding people not to panic in the situation.

Doctors say if the fever, cold, cough persists, people must get a COVID test held done and even if it results positive, there is no need to panic. They say it is important to consult a doctor rather than resort to self-medication.

Medical experts in Pune further say that it is mandatory to follow the doctor’s advice. They believe that not every patient needs to get admitted to the hospital. Isolation can be done at home with proper advice from a doctor. Experts also state that patient and his relatives should not panic even if anybody in the family is tested positive for the COVID-19.

Dr Kapil Zirpe, Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “Currently, the spread of infection is on the rise. If one of the members of the family is infected, it increases the risk of transmitting to the other family members. However, the number of patients in such cases is low. Therefore, maximum patients are successfully recovered after receiving proper treatment at home.”


· After examining 50 patients daily with symptoms of cold, fever and cough, around 80 per cent of them are testing positive for the novel virus.

· Generally, people between the age of 20-45 are more prone.

· Those who are travelling out on daily basis are more prone to getting infected.

· The infection spread is amongst the residential societies than that of slum pockets now.

Maharashtra IMA President Dr Avinash Bhondwe, said, “Most patients with a daily cold, fever or cough are found with COVID-19 infection after their tests. Currently, the infection is grappling youth with many are found positive with asymptomatic of mild symptoms.”

Meanwhile, Pune city (Pune Municipal Corporation) Monday reported 2,342 new COVID-19 cases while 15 people lost their lives amid the infection. The total cases in the city on Monday stood at 2,37,736.

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