Pune: Students being shown offline exam mode despite choosing online

Pune: Students being shown offline exam mode despite choosing online

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Pune: Savitribai Phule Pune University's (SPPU)final year exams, many students have chosen the online option for their final academic year exam, but it is being shown that they have chosen the offline option in their name. These students have been instructed to choose the nearest college centre for offline exams, which is now a problem for students who want to take online exams and make students run pillar to post in a pandemic.

Savitribai Phule Pune University will conduct the examinations of the regular, subject backlog students in the final year online and offline, through multiple choice question papers. For the online system, the students will be giving their examination via online mode. For offline they have to visit the centre and give such examinations.

The university allowed students to choose between online and offline. Eighty-five per cent of the students opted for the exam online. However, students say that even though some students choose the online option, the system shows that they have chosen the offline option next to their name.

Sameera Kulkarni, from the Science branch at Lonavala, said "she had opted for the online exam when choosing the option. But now I don't understand why it is being shown offline in the login. I am clueless and no one is answering the call nor helping us."

Amit Jawalkar from Ahmednagar said, "The option of the online test was also checked twice. Downloaded the exam ticket. But now it seems that the offline option has been chosen. This has happened to eight to ten other friends of mine too when I had inquired about it. If inquiries are made in the college, it is said to contact the university. The university did not respond when contacted. So the question is what to do now. We are made to run from pillar to post which is time-consuming as well as we are in fear that such a pandemic virus could be transmitted to us."

'Students are now being asked to choose a centre for offline exams even though they have opted for online exams. Some students did not opt for the exam due to difficulties. They should be given an extension. The university should start a helpline for student complaints, 'said Kamlakar Shete.

Dr Mahesh Kakade, Director, Board of Examinations and Assessment, Savitribai Phule Pune University said, "the Students have not carefully filled out the exam option form. There is nothing wrong with the university system. In the application, the option of minimum 3G or higher internet is required and minimum 1 Mbps speed internet is considered for offline test if the students have chosen 'Not Applicable Force' and 'No'. This is because online exams cannot be taken unless the internet is available. Therefore, students who look offline by choosing the online option for the exam are being given until September 27 to make changes. Concerned students should contact covid19helpdesk@unipune.ac.in."

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