Pune top destination for competitive exam studies

Pune top destination for competitive exam studies

PUNE: Pune city stands among the top six cities in the country including capital Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru for competitive examination coaching, says a study. 

The study, undertaken by Sulekha - an online portal, noted these interesting insights regarding competitive exam coaching from Indian cities. 

The study has been based on visits and searches by nearly 28,000 consumers across all Indian cities that landed on the website in the last year.

In the last one year, 1,32,192 requests have been generated by Tier I cities and they contribute to 35 per cent of the online searches. Tier II have 68,486 online requests and it is interesting to note that Tier III cities have generated 1,60,860 online requests, which is more than Tier I cities.

According to the survey, it has been observed that online searches increase in January and peak during June and July across all Indian cities.

“The increase that can be seen in January may be attributed to the beginning of new batches at the coaching centres. The online requests dip in February and decrease substantially between April-May,” stated the survey.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sulekha Satya Prabhakar said, “The study shows that traditional competitive exams were popular amongst job aspirants, who hail from Tier III cities. It is also interesting to note that defence/police examination coaching was the most requested competitive exam coaching category in the metro cities.”

Competitive exam aspirants have stated that one of the reasons was that many higher educational institutes in Pune offer master’s course, especially in humanity. This helps them in completing a higher education degree as well as prepare for the competitive exams. The students generally start preparing for these courses from their graduation level. 

Nevertheless, easy access to coaching classes, affordable fees for UPSC/UGC-NET and others as compared to other cities and easy living were among the other reasons that several students opt to prepare for the examination in Pune.

“Pune was a better place, especially for students who belong to rural areas. The cost of living in this city is affordable as compared to cities like Mumbai. Also, there are many coaching centres in Pune. It also has the best coaching centres in Maharashtra. If one considers going out of the State, then Delhi is the best option for taking competitive exam coaching classes,” said UPSC aspirant Sanjay Gujar, who hails from Osmanabad.

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