Pune: Two female cops spar over financial settlement at police headquarters

Pune: Two female cops spar over financial settlement at police headquarters

Pune: Just days after two male police constables got into a fight at Pune city’s cybercrime police station, a fight between two female police officers at Pune Police Headquarters in Shivajinagar erupted on Monday. The two police officers were allegedly involved in fisticuffs.

A 'freestyle' fight took place between two female police personnel at the Shivajinagar police headquarters. The incident has been hotly debated in the Pune police force and now the matter has been taken seriously by the senior officers.

Both police officers in the case are posted at the police headquarters. Both were present at headquarters on Monday morning as usual. There was a verbal argument between the two due to duty. The two then started abusing each other, resulting in a fight.

Meanwhile, the quarrel between the women police personnel reached Mitesh Gatte, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of the headquarters. He clarified that he would take the matter seriously and conduct an internal inquiry. He also warned that such incidents will not be tolerated.

According to officials, the duty officer had come to the police constable where they had a quarrel, which then turned into a fight. The duty officer had started first and then they accused each other. The police staff stopped the fight the duty officer was injured. The reason for the quarrel was a financial settlement. Therefore, the inquiry will be held and action will be taken, the officer said.

The frequent occurrences have highlighted the ravelled nerves among personnel in the police force, with many stating that fears of coronavirus outbreak, the amount of work and extra manpower may be leading to such brawls.

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