Pune: Two months after husband succumbs to COVID-19, wife dies by suicide
Pune: Two months after husband succumbs to COVID-19, wife dies by suicide

Pune: Two months after losing her husband to COVID-19, the family of Khajurkars recovering from a heartbreaking incident. However, on Friday the 30-year old wife committed suicide when she could not bear the pain of her husband's death, leaving her two children orphaned.

The police have identified the deceased as Godavari Prakash Khajurkar (30), a resident of Phulenagar Bhosari. A case of suicide has been registered with Bhosari MIDC police station.

Police Sub-Inspector Amol Dere of Bhosari MIDC Police Station said,  "Deceased Prakash alias Gurubasha Khajurkar (35) was a mechanic by profession who succumbed to COVID-19 two months ago. The couple is survived by children, an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. Prakash, who was earlier repairing bikes as a mechanic by profession, had just started a photocopy business after the lockdown. However, he ended up contracting the virus."

He went on, "Gurubasha's wife Godavari was in trauma and deep shock after the death of her husband. Unable to cope up with the fact, she went to their second-floor flat around 9 am and hung herself from the ceiling fan. The Khajurkar family hails from Karnataka and has been living in the Phulenagar area for the last 35 years."

He added, "We are investigating the case, primary investigation reveals she ended her life as she could not bear her husband's death. She was worried that she will not be able to manage her two children livelihood and their future without her husband. There is no suicide note, we are probing."

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