Ruby Hall Clinic performs its 100th liver transplant

Ruby Hall Clinic performs its 100th liver transplant

PUNE: Ruby Hall Clinic performed its 100th liver transplant on a 58-year-old retired person suffering from liver cirrhosis which had progressed due to hepatitis B. The living donor, his son, is a 28-year-old entrepreneur. 

Dr Sanjay Pathare, Medical Services Director Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “We are proud to cross this milestone of 100 liver transplants. This has been possible due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent teamwork of doctors, support staff, social workers and transplant coordinators. We would like to thank Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre and Pune traffic police for their support,” .

Dr Kishor Pujari, COO Ruby Hall Clinic, said, the liver transplant programme Clinic started in 2012. “The notable efforts of liver transplant surgeons Dr Manoj Srivastav, Dr Anuja Athale, Dr Nitin Pai and the entire team requires special mention. With an excellent success rate of 85 to 90 per cent, there is an increasing ray of hope for many end-stage liver patients. Our transplant programme has been further enhanced with our association with Rela Institute under the mentorship of world-renowned transplant surgeon Dr Mohammad Rela,” said Dr Pujari.

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