Sakal's User Sign-Ups Soar with the implementation of Google One Tap

To address the challenges of low user sign-ups, Sakal ties up with Google to enhance user registration journey
Sakal Collabrates with Google
Sakal Collabrates with GoogleThe Bridge Chronicle

Pune, India - Sakal Media Group's digital platform,, has experienced a significant surge in user sign-ups following the integration of Google One Tap for streamlined registration processes. This integration was useful in revolutionizing the user experience by simplifying the sign-up process and enhancing data security.

Prior to implementing Google One Tap, Sakal faced challenges in collecting user data and providing a seamless sign-up experience. This led to a tedious registration process which deterred potential users from signing up on the platform. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Sakal decided to implement Google One Tap, an innovation by Google that enables users to sign up with just one click using their Google accounts.

"We realized that Google One Tap aligns perfectly with our goals of simplifying user acquisition and enhancing engagement," said Swapnil Malpathak, Digital Business Head at Sakal Media Group. "It has not only made the sign-up process seamless but also provided us with valuable user data for targeted marketing."

Since the implementation of Google One Tap, Sakal has seen a significant increase in user sign-ups, with over 130,000 new users registering in just over four months. Additionally, the conversion rate of signed-up users to paid subscribers has reached an impressive 8.5%. This is a significant increase resulting in positive engagement with Sakal. 

"We are thrilled with the results we have seen so far," added Malpathak. "Google One Tap has been instrumental in driving user engagement and revenue growth for us. We look forward to further leveraging this technology to enhance our platform and provide an even better experience for our users."

Sakal Media Group's success with Google One Tap highlights the importance of user-friendly registration processes in driving user acquisition and engagement. By prioritizing user experience and data security, Sakal has been able to not only attract new users but also convert them into loyal subscribers.

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