Saleem Mulla elected as president of Pune District Wakf Liberation and Protection Task Force

Saleem Mulla elected as president of Pune District Wakf Liberation and Protection Task Force

Pune : Saleem Mulla was unanimously declared as President of  Pune District Wakf Liberation Task Force, a legal umbrella body comprising of legal and wakf land experts fighting against corrupt muslim trustees, mutawallis, care takers  and anti muslim wakf land crime syndicates in the district. The other core committee  members are Shree Ashok Dabde, Gaus Tunis Shaikh, Siddhartha Valve, Saad Ahmed,Imran Saudagar, Ismail Shaikh, Muzaffar Shaikh and Altaf Hussain.

The task force  also comprises of leading personalities from education, retired police officials, policy maker, retired bureaucrats, retired police and income tax officials will deliberate on the wakf issues facing the community and carry out a mass awareness campaign to legally enforce the laws of the wakf  land and kick out builders and land sharks from the wakf land.

Mulla said that it was an honour to be chosen as the President by the core committee. During past thirty to forty years, nothing was done either  by a section of  educated and so called elite class who sat in the AC halls and held the community ransom. “ They had money, power, resources and everything God gave them but they became selfish, arrogant, fascist, ultra capitalist and the most corrupt of the muslims of Pune. They could have easily fought the wakf land cases as they had legal and other working knowledge but they did not do because they wanted only themselves to grow and made the community as a slave. However, today they stand exposed and have proved that they are the biggest threat to the community,” he added.

Mulla further said  “We have already received calls and messages from over  lakhs of people in the state and and numerous support messages are coming from people across the country. The fight is against the organized mafia syndicate which is anti muslim and anti wakf and wants to eat the rich property of the poor muslims which we will not allow to happen at any cost. However, the task force will work closely with law enforcement agencies, state and union  government and ensure that the wakf lands are  legally returned to the muslim community in national interest.”

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