Signals in Pune need to be synchronised, says Dr K Venkatesham
Signals in Pune need to be synchronised, says Dr K Venkatesham

Pune: Stepping out after rendering his duty as the Pune city Police Chief, Dr K Venkatesham expressed that traffic is one of the major issues of the city and that it needs to be handled skillfully.

Dr Venkatesham who served as Pune city Police Commissioner for two years was transferred as the Additional Director General of Police Special Operations with Maharashtra police. He has been replaced by Abhinav Gupta, who will be Pune city police commissioner.

On Saturday, Dr Venkatesham said, "The time is required to move from one place to another in the city which is one of the major and a big problem. For this, the signal in the city needs to be synchronised. Smart City has undertaken this task. When it is completed, people's travel time can be reduced." 

Talking about his tenure of two years in Pune as Pune police commissioner, he said, "I worked with three issues in mind. Stubbornly tried to work with optimism, a mindset of abundance and a spirit of constant cooperation. Initially, it was implemented under the department. The result was good and helped to change the mindset of everyone looking at work. Like the officers, I tried to train all the police personnel to be emotionally intelligent. It helped to increase the efficiency of the police."

He went on, "Ninety per cent of the work done during the lockdown was not related to police but at the time, a police officer told us that "If you don't want to do it now, when will you do it?" This helps us to work as a team and our police staffers work harder in trying best to control the coronavirus pandemic spread as well as to maintain the law and order issue in the city."

He added, "Every fatal accident in the city was studied at the senior level. The police are trying to rectify the faults in the cause of the accident. For this, the officers are constantly coordinating with the Pune Municipal Corporation."

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