Telemedicine industry can bring down deaths

Telemedicine industry can bring down deaths

Pune: Pune has witnessed a high rate of swine flu deaths year-on-year, especially persons from rural areas, due to delay in diagnosis. With rapidly growing virtual healthcare facilities and telemedicine, the rate of deaths can be reduced manifold. 

Slated to be a $ four to six billion market in India by 2020, the telemedicine industry has the potential to bring down the rate of deaths due to delayed diagnosis, believe officials from virtual healthcare start-up DocOnline. 

Speaking about the company, CEO Markus Moding said, “The penetration of online healthcare is less than one per cent and the market size is tremendous, with a scope for quick growth. Ours is a subscription-based service, which covers a person and three of his/her family members and provides them with the option of multiple consultations with the empanelled doctors under a one-time payment.” 

He said that DocOnline has the option of online consultation through iOS or Android platforms, through the website, chat, and also telephonic consultation for persons from rural areas or senior citizens who do not own a smartphone. 

COO of the company Rahul Paith said, “Many youths come to cities to work but their parents are back in the villages. Through online service, the parents too get cover and can avail the consultancy services. In cases like swine flu or the likes, the persons can consult with our doctors online or over the telephone. If the doctor feels that medical intervention is necessary, based on the symptoms described by the person, he/she can ask the patient to immediately visit the nearest Primary Health Centre (PHC) or district hospital for treatment."

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