Test to find out potential paedophilia tendencies

Test to find out potential paedophilia tendencies

Pune: KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune has come up with a unique initiative, where it has developed a test to find out whether a person has potential paedophilia tendencies.

As a preventive measure, he will receive treatment. The entire procedure will be confidential. The hospital will spread awareness about the psychological disorder.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), sexual attraction towards the body forms of children or young adolescents is a psycho-sexual disorder which is termed as paedophilia.  

The project aims to envisage treating self-identified, motivated and out-of-the-legal system persons with paedophilia who have not yet committed an act of child abuse. The mainstay treatment will focus on specialised psychotherapy, focusing on different dimensions of sexuality such as desire and attachment. Medical and psychiatric measures will be applied as needed.

The confidentiality and the privacy of the participant will be maintained throughout the treatment. A person can also visit ‘www.troubled-desire.com’ which is a self-management tool, developed by the Berlin Institute of Sexology providing confidential and anonymous assessment and treatment.

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