Traffic chaos for 2 hours at Sasane Nagar railway gate

Traffic chaos for 2 hours at Sasane Nagar railway gate

Pune: Due to a technical fault, the manned railway gate on the Pune-Miraj railway route at Sasane Nagar fell on a car that was crossing the railway track on Monday evening. The technicians were unable to lift the gate, which caused a traffic jam for nearly two hours. Eventually, the railway employees dismantled the gate with the help of locals, after which, traffic flow was restored.

There was a pregnant woman inside the car on which the gate fell. She was admitted to a local hospital as a precaution. All passengers inside the car were safe.

Manoj Jhawar, Public Relation Officer, Pune rail division, said, “The gate got stuck and caused a traffic jam. Slow traffic movement started after half an hour due to the help from local residents, railway employees and traffic police. The repair work ended at midnight and after that, traffic flow was restored. The engineering department is conducting an inspection and will submit a report.”

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