VR-based iB Cricket now in Pune

VR-based iB Cricket now in Pune

Pune: Bringing virtual reality (VR) cricket into a reality, ProYuga, an XR technology-focused startup backed by iB Hubs, has developed ‘iB Cricket’ a new form of virtual sport (vSport) in which players can choose their opponent and form their team from across the world. iB Cricket which is world’s one of the most immersive virtual reality cricket is now open to the public with its first arcade in Pune at Amanora mall in Hadapsar.
People from 25 different countries have already witnessed the game. The company is also gearing up for its global launch with its foothold in India, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Middle East and other countries. The game was earlier launched in the presence of President of India Ram Nath Kovind and was also praised by cricketer Virendra Sehwag. 

Play it, feel it
The game set up requires an arcade which is equipped with a VR headset, an electronic bat and different sensors. Once a player wears the VR headset and holds the cricket bat he enters directly into the virtual world of cricket. Players can feel their presence in the dressing room as well as in a playground with thousands of audience. The player is also cheered with the live commentary giving the player a feel of reality. The founders of the game said that iB Cricket is designed with perfect physics matching the real-time game. Also, with many tournaments and several levels modelled in the vSport, this new format of cricket enables everyone to build their cricketing career just like their favourite cricket star.
Company officials said that the game can be played by people of different age groups right from a small boy of four years old along with an 80-year-old senior citizen.

“All one has to do is understand the physics of cricket and he will score well. With the help of software built on artificial intelligence (AI) one can select his players and form a team to play a competition,” added an official from the company.
“We are very happy to see how everyone is adapting to the vSport in no time after stepping into iB Cricket stadiums. The response to the vSport has been tremendous from across the city. With no bars on age, gender and cricketing experience and with exciting tournaments, iB Cricket will be embraced by everyone,” says Trivikrama Kothinti, Co-founder, ProYuga.

Company officials said that given the current advancement of VR technology in the industry the game provides best virtual experience and as the technology advances the same functionalities will be incorporated in the game. 

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