Why Punekars should not worry about fire safety at Shivajinagar COEP Jumbo hospital
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Why Punekars should not worry about fire safety at Shivajinagar COEP Jumbo hospital

A major tragedy was averted at Pune's Jumbo hospital recently

Pune: A minor fire was reported in the jumbo hospital facility at Shivajinagar COEP ground on Sunday morning. This fire was doused in just 90 seconds. A major tragedy was averted and hence there were discussions about the fire safety at the jumbo hospital. When a review of the fire-safety and preparedness of the administration was taken interesting information was revealed.

Three lakh litres of water stored in tanks, 192 fire extinguisher cylinders installed at 27 locations and fire-rated tents have been installed at the jumbo facility. Hence even in case of an untoward incident, fire situation will be brought under control within few minutes if not seconds. Fire Brigade officials have assured Punekars that in any eventuality, the jumbo hospital facility is fully equipped to deal with the situation.

A fire tender from the Fire Brigade department of Pune Municipal Corporation, another fire tender and trained personnel from the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has been kept on a stand by inside the hospital. Apart from this, the Deepali Design Exhibit Private Limited company has also provided with all adequate infrastructural facilities inside the hospital.

Sunil Ghene, Fire Officer of Deepali Design Exhibits said, “Each and every compressor, generator, ICU department, oxygen pipeline has been equipped with a fire extinguisher cylinder. There are 192 such cylinders. Apart from this, water systems have been installed at 27 locations. Fire can be doused within seconds with the help of high pressure water release up to 30 feet. A special water tank has been built inside the premises in which 3 lakh litres of water has been stored. Of this, one lakh litre water is kept in the water pipes of the fire prevention pipelines.”

Devendra Potphode, Chief of Fire Brigade department of PMRDA said, “The minor sparking incident that was reported on Sunday morning was brought under control within a few seconds. Due to the adequate precautionary measures taken by the officials, any major tragedy was averted.”

Prashant Ranpise, Chief Fire Officer of PMC said, “All tents in the premises are fire rated. Hence these tents will not catch fire easily. Such preventive and precautionary measures have been taken while setting up the facility.”

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