Missed the Maharashtra Day event? Don't worry we got you covered
Missed the Maharashtra Day event? Don't worry we got you covered

Watching our favourite programs, according to our preference, makes the entire experience far more enjoyable. So we understand that you might have missed the streaming of Darbar Swarancha which was our special event for Maharashtra Day (May 1), but that's alright because you can go to our YouTube Channel and stream it according to your preference. So sit back and enjoy as the legendary classical gurus enthral your senses by their magical performances.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed all the much-awaited events to a farther date, all the gigs and major concerts have been cancelled for the time being, but that shouldn't be a problem because here we bring you, world-famous classical artists, sharing their life experiences, inspiring words, singing and playing to their best folk tune. 

Darbar Swarancha- was a nine hour-long streaming event which was aired on May 1, starting 11 AM onwards. The special hosted by renowned anchor-artist Sudhir Gadgil featured artist including Pandit Shaunak Abhisheki, Rahul Deshpande, Mahesh Kale, Pandit Anand Bhate, Pandit Vijay Ghate, Begum Parween Sultana & Ustaad Dilshadji performing together, Ronu Majumdar, Sukanya Ramgopal, and V Selvaganesh and Swaminathan Selvaganesh (Father and Son duo). 

If you have missed the sessions, don't worry: all videos are available to watch on Sakal Media's channel, neatly organised in a playlist. Head over to the playlist in the link below.

Sakal Media Group would also like to thank our readers and viewers as we got a tremendous response on both our Facebook and YouTube during the Darbar Swarancha event.

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