Deccan Gymkana’s Samar, Rajendra have mixed luck

Deccan Gymkana’s Samar, Rajendra have mixed luck

PUNE: Samar Khandelwal and Rajendra Adhav of hosts Deccan Gymkhana had mixed luck on the opening day of the Deccan Gymkhana all-India Snooker Championship, here on Friday.

Playing in familiar confines of their home club seasoned Samar got the better of Manoj Jagtap (PYC) in a four-frames encounter 68-31, 62-50, 54-65, 70-56.

Samar got off to a great start and opened a 2-0 advantage before dropping the third and then returned to win 70-56 aides by. 41-point break and wrap up the match.

Round-1: Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Manoj Jagtap (PYC) 68-31, 62-50, 54-65, 70-56; Sushant Khade (Thane) bt Rajendra Adhav (Deccan Gymkhana) 47-16, 58-17, 32-68, 70 (44)-34; Vishal Kadam (PYC) bt Sanket Mutha (Corner Pockets) 56-26, 51-72, 56-44, 20-45, 52-42; Siddharth Phatagade (Cue Club) bt Jawahar Mankar (AP’s) 55-54, 63-31, 37-65, 73-37.

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