Shahid Afridi claims Indian players sought forgiveness after defeat against Pakistan

Shahid Afridi claims Indian players sought forgiveness after defeat against Pakistan

The bold statement series seems to be unending for the former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi. In another controversial statement, Afridi has claimed that Pakistan’s control over their rivals was such that Indian cricket team would seek forgiveness from Pakistan.

The 40-year-old who recovered recently from the coronavirus on the Cric Cast Show on YouTube said, “I have always enjoyed India. Unhe to theek-thaak mara hai humne. Itna mara hai unhe ki match ke baad maafiyan mangi hai unhone. (We’ve thrashed them a lot. I believe we’ve beaten them so much that they used to ask us for forgiveness after the match).”

“I have enjoyed a lot playing against India and Australia, you have more pressure. They are good teams, big teams. Going and performing in their conditions is the big thing,” he added.

While the entire world knows about Men in Blue dominance over Pakistan in all forms of the game at present. India’s winning streak has continued in the World Cups against the arch rivals (7-0).

Though, the statistics show that Pakistan lead India 73-55 in ODIs but it’s based on their achievements in the 1980s. In the 52 matches played between the arch-rivals in the 80s, Men in Green won 23 times, while India managed a victory in 10 games. This continued in the 1990s as out of the 48 matches, India won 18 while Pakistan managed wins in 28 matches.

Moving in the 2000s, though India edged Pakistan 25-23 and during 2010 and 2020, India has surpassed with a 10-4 lead with no draws nor tie. This includes three World Cup wins and a scoreline of 6-1 in T20Is.

Afridi further mentioned that he never felt tense while playing the international game, even when it was against India.

He said, "International cricket is not for chicken-hearted players. You need to be mentally very strong because you need to take decisions there and perform on that stage. People’s expectations are very high. Fans want you to perform."

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