These Historic Gymkhanas and Sports Clubs Are Keeping Pune’s Sporting Spirits High

Pune’s sporting legacy shines brightly as the historic gymkhanas and sports clubs attract many. With developments, these spots continue to be the hub of the city's sporting enthusiasts.
These Historic Gymkhanas and Sports Clubs Are Keeping Pune’s Sporting Spirits High
These Historic Gymkhanas and Sports Clubs Are Keeping Pune’s Sporting Spirits High Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

As the grounds reverberate with sportive zeal, historic charm is in the air at the old Gymkhanas and Clubs of Pune. These places, some gems in the city’s sporting history, house top-notch amenities for the lovers of sports and have been a favourite spot for Punekars for years. Not only does their age-old existence give them the expertise, these places have advanced over time to remain the best in the city. Let us explore these historic Gymkhanas and Sports Clubs of Pune.

Deccan Gymkhana Club

Established in 1906, the Deccan Gymkhana Club exuberates profoundness in the facilities it has been offering. The gymkhana was built with the inspiration of the visionary Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s resolve. It has been the birthplace of dreams of taking India's sporting legacy to greater heights. The place has been a spot for selections and training for varied sports, with candidates chosen here representing India in several prestigious events such as Antwerp Olympics. Sports like cricket, athletics, wrestling, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, badminton, billiards and more are played here.

Deccan Gymkhana Club
Deccan Gymkhana Club ( Source: )

PYC Hindu Gymkhana

With the turf telling tales of the cricket maestros it has crafted here, the PYC Hindu Gymkhana continues the legacy of nurturing sporting talents in Pune. It stands as a testimony of the numerous cricket champions who have trained and practised at the grounds here. It began in 1900 when a bunch of young cricket enthusiasts joined hands to form the ‘Poona Young Cricketers’ Hindu Gymkhana. D.B. Deodhar, known as the grand old man of Indian cricket, played a pivotal role in the functioning of the club. This Gymkhana initially provided facilities for basic sports like hockey, malkhamb and wrestling. Now, the place also includes amenities for sports like badminton, tennis, billiards, pickleball, basketball and more. 

PYC Hindu Gymkhana
PYC Hindu Gymkhana( Source: )

The Poona Club

The Poona Club is one of the oldest sporting sites in the city and holds the glory of the past within itself. The club has a history dating back to 1886. The club boasts a fine list of founder patrons which includes dignitaries such as the Aga Khan, Maharajas of Jodhpur and Rajpipla, The Gaikwad of Baroda, Sir Dorab Tata, Sir Cusrow Wadia, Sir Victor Sassoon, The Nawab of Junagad and more. Along with the basic sports, the club includes golf, squash, swimming, and more facilities.

The Poona Club Ltd
The Poona Club Ltd ( Source: )

Royal Connaught Boat Club

On the banks of the Mula-Mutha River is the Royal Connaught Boat Club which offers boating and other sporting facilities to Punekars. Established in 1868, the club was initially called the Poona Boat Club. To honour his Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught, the Commander-In-Chief of the Bombay Army, the club was later renamed Poona Royal Connaught Boat Club. This place has delivered exceptional performance in sailing, rowing, boating and other water sports in the country. The club has also been hosting Regattas (boat races) for a long time. With boating and allied sports facilities, this place has become one of the most unique hubs for sports lovers to explore. 

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These legendary sports clubs and gymkhanas of Pune not only bring diverse sports facilities for all but also continue the sporting legacy of the city. If you are a sporting enthusiast from Pune, visit these places to keep your sporting spirits high!

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