Aiming to be an influencer? Check out five emerging Instagram trends that will dominate 2021

Instagram's ever-changing algorithm can be confusing, but we have a cheat-sheet for you in 2021.
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It has become increasingly challenging to keep up with the ever-changing trends on social media. However, with so much potential, there's barely anything that it cannot do. Today, businesses have moved online, and bloggers are taking on the world. Instagram has flourished from what was once only a picture-sharing platform to a medium that offers a plethora of experiences. Yet, if you're someone who's still learning to wrap their head around Instagram's algorithm, you can now quit trying! We have a list of fresh, emerging trends for the year 2021 that you should ear-mark for your reference.

When in doubt, use carousel posts

Carousel posts have definitely made our experience on Instagram a lot more convenient. Grouping pictures from the same event, the sequence has never been more uncomplicated! Carousel posts help create a look-book of what you're planning to showcase. In 2021 as well, carousel posts will be crucial to influencers and entrepreneurs. So, get selecting on your best pictures.

Reels, reels & more reels

Instagram has been aggressively promoting reels all through the past couple of months. So, if you find yourself coming across stray reels on your feed, know that it is Instagram's doing! This year is also the best time to start making reels — if you haven't already. Reels can be an excellent opportunity to benefit from TikTok-style content, trends, and challenges without having to jump to a different platform.

#NoFilter all the way

People are slowly edging away from heavily filtered content — and perhaps it's for its own good. Instagram's 'No Edit' feature is gaining popularity and is soon-to-be the next big thing in 2021. Keeping your pictures looking natural and edit-free will go a long way, considering how users now want to be more accepting of their flaws.

Online events to the rescue

If the global pandemic has taught us one thing, that is: anything can find its space online. Virtual events have found their audience, engagement and have benefitted from their economic nature. Expect more live events and virtual experiences on Instagram in 2021. If you're a content creator who wants to start pulling the required engagement, this could be your hack!

Authentic over aesthetic

There's no surprise that content -- still -- matters! What you post (and how you post it) will remain significant in 2021. Charting out a content calendar to keep track of your content will make sure you churn out relevant posts. Instagram users have increasingly begun to look for credibility and are no longer afraid to call out what's not. Being raw, being authentic is what's going to be relevant in 2021.

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