App of the Week: Fittr

A 'community-driven' platform, Fittr is a one of a kind app that allows you to connect with other strangers online.
App of the Week: Fittr
The app was launched in 2018, and today it boasts of 200+ consultants on boardFittr

Exercise is often a touchy subject, (and take it from someone who is a master at procrastination!) because keeping up with it is not easy. We may have an intricate plan pinned on our office soft-board or a diet sheet clasped on our fridge, but what we really need sometimes is a push. And while enrolling yourself at a gym seems like the only viable option in sight, those who are employed know how wonky their schedule can get! The COVID-19 lockdown gave way to several fitness apps that immediately gained popularity with the indoor audience. However, today we're talking about an app that is a one-stop-shop for beginners, as well as advance level trainers. 

Why Fittr? 

A 'community-driven' platform, Fittr is a one of a kind app that allows you to connect with other strangers online. While this unquestionably sets it apart from other apps in the market, there is also an online store that may catch your attention. The app was launched in 2018, and today it boasts of 200+ consultants on board and has recorded over 1,00,000 fitness transformation stories. So, if this doesn't give you the much-needed push to hit the download button, we don't know what will! The community on Fittr is growing fast, and today the app has a whopping 6,20,000 downloads to date with more than 8,00,000 members. 

The virtual push 

What's tiring about most fitness apps is the cumbersome amount of personal details that are required during the signup. However, we were thoroughly impressed with Fittr's interface, which was light, yet swift to use. The app requires your height and weight at the beginning and then goes on to show you pictures to identify your fat percentage. After which, Fittr is quick to tell if you're overweight (there's no sugar-coating here!). The next couple of questions ask you about how frequent you are at exercising, or what kind of exercise do you prefer. 

After the login that takes about two minutes of your time, you'll be redirected to follow a few people whose fitness stories inspire you. Of course, that is optional, but a lot of those users did look like they could motivate you to jump out of your bed and grab those dumbbells! 

At your fingertips 

Fittr has a host of tabs that you can access after logging in, we've simplified each one to get a better understanding of the app: 

Get a Coach: We were fascinated with the 'Get a Coach' tab that not only shows you the profiles of different coaches but also shows the healthy recipes they have shared for their followers! Users may simply follow them, or purchase one of their 12-week transformation package that is charged at Rs 9,000. On enrolling yourself, you will be asked to fill in a couple of additional details (including your food habits), and your selected coach will get in touch with you within 24 hours. He/She will understand your goals and expectations, and then prepares a plan that is best suited for you. Your coach will also keep accessing your weekly progress and make adjustments according to your lifestyle if required. You can pick the coach based on their specialisation, transformation stories and rating. 

My Plan: The 'My Plan' tab gives you an insight into your progress and tracks your steps after you start working out. It also has a couple of PDF files that you can download if you're working out by yourself. There's also an option to view your stats for the month, and Fittr goes far enough to show you your muscle-specific or exercise-specific statistics. 

The tab shows you your default chart, and it tells you exactly what you should be eating throughout the day. Instead of putting it into a tedious, wordy list, the app shows you pictures of the food -- along with the serving size and calories, and no extra charges! 

Fitshop: You'd think that a Fitshop on a fitness app will have only exercise-related merchandise, but that's where you're wrong -- because this online store has everything beginning from a Samsung Galaxy Tab to a motorbike! Of course, the catch here is that you need to exercise enough to earn those 'Fitcoins', the virtual currency (sound familiar?), that will help you purchase your goal possession! We are already tying up our shoelaces! 

Challenges: Just like the name suggests, you can enrol yourself to an ongoing challenge. The process is not as complex as it looks, and you can pick a challenge after going through the description that's available within the tab. It also shows you the time limit for each challenge, just so that you don't slack off! This is where you can earn your 'Fitcoins'. 

Events: The last tab on your homepage is 'Events', which may seem pointless at the moment due to the virus outbreak; however, Fittr has optimistically planned an event on December 12, 2020, in Goa, that is aimed at bringing the community together. 

The verdict

The comprehensiveness that Fittr offers is unmatchable. Bringing in all the aspects of training under one roof sets this app apart from the others in the market. The hesitation in downloading a fitness app is understandable, as you're bound to encounter several in-app purchases to go through with your routine, but that's where Fittr makes a difference -- and allows you to participate in online challenges without worrying about the damage! We're a fan of the online community network that enables users to interact with like-minded people (instead of convincing a friend to be your workout buddy!). Whether or not you'd want to enrol an online coach, we'd suggest you hit the download button if you've been procrastinating, just like us!

Android rating: 4.5/5

iOS rating: 4.7/5

ST rating: 4.8/5

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