Beyond the Blackboard: Pune's EdTech Startups Redefining Learning

Pune's education scene is being redefined by a wave of innovative startups, each revolutionizing learning with personalized, interactive approaches. From STEM education to fostering a love for reading, these startups are setting new standards in educational excellence and accessibility.
Beyond the Blackboard: Pune's EdTech Startups Redefining Learning
Beyond the Blackboard: Pune's EdTech Startups Redefining Learning Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Indian startups are flourishing in every sector.

Any idea, no matter how niche, has potential to be executed and taken off the ground with the current boom in startups in our country. The startup ecosystem, today, is not just limited to IT but has gone towards healthcare, agriculture, food, and everything in between. Sky’s the limit, they say.

Ten years ago, hygienic and fresh, at-home meat delivery was something that people could not believe could exist. And now, we have Licious who has made it possible. Or CureSkin, which has become a one-spot stop for any skincare problems, offering personalized solutions with its AI-driven app.

Startups have revolutionized the Indian economy.

A sector that has benefitted a lot has been the educational sector. They have proved that learning does not have to be limited to the classroom. Whether it is a product or a service, for teachers or for students, for parents or for kids, there are several avenues that they have opened up.

Pune, too, has seen several education-based startups take-off and thrive in the recent years. Here’s a list of five such startups that are dedicated towards making education fun and relatable, especially for children.

NISABA - Science Club

The Nisaba Science Club offers live, online science classes designed for children aged 8-12, featuring interactive sessions with top international scientists. These classes cover fascinating topics like black holes and quantum physics, aiming to spark curiosity and develop real-world skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. The platform emphasizes engaging, hands-on learning experiences and is free to join, making high-quality science education accessible to all children in India. With teachers from MIT, Harvard, CERN, ISRO, Princeton, teaching the children, they are helping them discover what the magic of science is.

Lets Unbound

Lets Unbound is a dynamic startup focused on providing personalized online education for children, emphasizing 21st-century skills. Their diverse programs include coding, math, public speaking, mental math, and international languages. Each course is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication. Lets Unbound also offers a unique fellowship program, enabling students to learn, innovate, and connect globally. With partnerships like Arizona State University Prep School, Lets Unbound ensures high-quality educational content, helping students excel and stay ahead in a competitive world.

Lydnow Edutech

Lydnow Edutech Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering startup specializing in STEM education through hands-on technology courses for children and young adults. They offer a wide range of classes including robotics, drones, 3D printing, programming, IoT, machine learning, and AI. Their programs are designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills, providing access to state-of-the-art tinkering spaces and 3D labs. Lydnow also collaborates with schools to set up STEM labs, design curricula, and train teachers, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.


Zucate is an innovative EdTech startup aimed at enhancing K-12 education through a comprehensive online learning platform. It offers interactive and visual learning content that complements school curricula, enhancing understanding and retention. Key features include personalized learning, real-time progress tracking, multiple testing formats, and continuous support for students, parents, and teachers. Zucate's approach combines textual, visual, and interactive elements to make learning engaging and effective, providing students with the tools they need to excel academically.


Flip is a startup designed to foster a love of reading among children through a secure, community-based platform. The app allows kids to create reading groups, share books, and discuss them with friends, promoting social-emotional learning values such as sharing and trust. Flip also enables schools to digitize their libraries, making it easy for students to access and request books. Founded by a passionate mom-dad duo, Flip aims to build a cohesive community of young readers who learn and grow together.

These companies are harnessing technology to offer personalized, interactive, and hands-on educational experiences that cater to the needs of modern learners. As they continue to grow and evolve, these startups are setting new standards for educational excellence and accessibility, proving that the sky is indeed the limit.

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