Google: Now, you can switch to a 'dark' theme on maps; here's how to do it

Google had been working on this feature since September. However, it has only rolled out the much-awaited 'dark' theme now.
A representational image of light and dark theme on Google Maps.
A representational image of light and dark theme on Google Maps.The Bridge Chronicle

Those like us who prefer a 'dark' theme can now navigate in peace -- as Google Maps has finally gotten around to introduce the feature for Android users across the globe.

In a tweet published by Android's official handle, the tech giant writes, "What do we want? Dark theme! Where do we want it? Google Maps!"

The company had been working on this feature since September last year. However, it is only now that the global rollout for Android has been introduced for its users.

There are several benefits of using a darker mode for apps on your smartphones. Spending a lot of screentime can cause insomnia, dry eyes and also headaches.

A representational image of light and dark theme on Google Maps.
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Apart from that, studies have also indicated how screentime in today's age is the prime cause of fatigue in adults.

A representational image of light and dark theme on Google Maps.
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Although dark text on a light background is most suitable for readability purposes, it is light text on a dark backdrop that helps reduce eye-strain in low-light situations.

The 'night mode' was unveiled to provide "your eyes a much-needed break" and help conserve battery life.

How to enable dark mode

You can enable the dark theme on Google Maps with a few simple steps.

  • Go to Google Maps app on your phone

  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner on Google Maps

  • Choose Settings in the menu

  • Look for theme settings in the list of configuration options

  • Check for an option that says: Always light mode.

    You can further enable the entry that activates the dark mode, and you may also choose between alternating it or keeping it 'always dark'.

It is important to note that users need to download the latest version of Android OS — i.e. version 10.61.2 — to access this feature.

The Google Maps in a dark model features a super-dark shade of grey for the map background. The street names come in a lighter shade of grey, allowing users to easily spot the important landmarks and roads.

Apart from this feature, Google has also made available the Password Checkup feature for Android handsets.

The company said that the feature is now integrated into Android phones running Android 9 and above.

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