Twitter: Soon, you can use this new tool to block, mute abusive accounts

The company will limit how those accounts can engage with your content for seven days.
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Twitter is planning a new tool to let users automatically block and mute abusive accounts.

With the new safety mode, the micro-blogging platform will automatically detect accounts that "might be acting abusive or spammy."

The company will limit how those accounts can engage with your content for seven days.

During its virtual Analyst Day on Thursday, the company showed a presentation where a slide revealed that the feature will be a toggle in the new safety mode.

"Automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks," the description read.

Currently, not many Twitter users in India are aware of how to report abuse or harassment they face on the open communication platform, opting for the wrong way of posting an abusive photo or tweet and then requesting us to take action.

At the moment, users can report abusive behaviour directly from a Tweet, profile or Direct Message. Multiple Tweets can be included in the same report to help Twitter gain better context while investigating the issues to get those resolved faster.

"We have given additional tools to users to help them navigate through the service and keep themselves secure.

"There are additional ways to navigate to see tools and settings around notifications before you can mute a keyword or a conversation. You can report fake accounts or impersonation to us," Twitter said recently.

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