Written in the stars: These astrology apps are eerie, yet accurate!

Strangely enough, we're living in an age where apps can tell us our future... but we're certainly not complaining!
If you're only getting acquainted with the science, it's never too late to get hooked on to it!
If you're only getting acquainted with the science, it's never too late to get hooked on to it!The Bridge Chronicle

Who doesn't want a peek into the future? Astrology has gone from being the much-hated pseudoscience to a new-age millennial fad that is readily available online. A sizable chunk of our childhood remains dedicated to awaiting the Sunday edition of your daily newspaper. Because let's face it, there was a special kind of joy that came with stealing away the last page and finding out what the week held for us!

Fast forward, we're now past the sketchy websites that unload a whole lot of malware onto our PC, and more into a digitised version of astrology on our apps. How many times have you internally yelled "that's so me!" every time your friend forwards a relatable astrology meme on Instagram? (If you ask us, it is too many times to be proud of, actually!)

However, if you're only getting acquainted with the science, it's never too late to get hooked on to it. And you may not necessarily put your belief into it, but it's always reassuring to know that whatever's happening in your life is for a reason. After all, aren't we all looking for someone or something to anchor our faith on?

It may seem bizarre to think an app could predict what's in store for you, but we have handpicked our favourite horoscope sites based on their interface, accuracy and availability. Read on below to find out which one suits you the best:


Known for its borderline aggressive, yet punchy predictions, Co-Star is popularly proclaimed as the 'bible' for astrology. If you're not aware of Co-Star, you're either not invested enough -- or living under a rock! The app which uses a chic, black-and-white hipster interface was founded in 2017 by fashion-industry icon Banu Guler, Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp.

It uses an AI-driven approach to deliver to you your 'day at a glance', which is known for being ruthless and unapologetic at best. The astrology startup now has a global fanbase of over five million users, and its visually aesthetic predictions have gone viral numerous times on social media! Co-Star (powered by NASA) also claims to trace your alignments from the day you were born. We particularly love how it shows you the planets you have in each house, and in addition to your Sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, it shows you your Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto placements.

The Pattern

Pattern's spooky predictions have had people abruptly uninstalling the app. In fact, The Pattern's almost-free version is too good to be true -- so much, that it makes you want to invest in the paid version only to find out what more can the app offer!

The primary structure of The Pattern's interface is like a social networking site. Not only does it allow you to connect with people whose planetary alignments are 'similar' to yours, but it also gives you a much deeper insight into your relationship with your friends.

Cleverly enough, the app does not use complicated astrology jargons and reaches out using colloquial, uncomplicated language. It divides itself into three central sections: Your Pattern, Your Timing and World Timing. You're most likely to find its judgments true, and since it doesn't explain the correlation to your natal chart, you may also feel like its rather eerie! But let's leave the clarifications part to the makers.


Perhaps what drives people away from astrology apps is that they can get too text-heavy (read: boring?) to handle. However, with Sanctuary, you don't have to worry about not understanding astrology enough or it getting too overwhelming to comprehend. Using emojis and a seamless, colourful interface, Sanctuary has slowly become the 'go-to' astrology app for millennials.

The app's no-fuss interface has also introduced a chatbot that will talk back with you every day (albeit with the same dialogues, of course) when you ask it for your daily horoscope. It also gives you your 'power emoji' of the day! True or not, we love the interactive nature of the app alongside its quirky remarks.

If you've always wondered how to read your 'chart' but never got around to understanding it more thoroughly, Sanctuary does a brilliant job at explaining it to you. There is also, in fact, a premium version for INR 1,550 (for fifteen minutes) that connects you to astrologers for a 'more comprehensive' coverage. Although steep, there's no harm in signing up for that one if you're looking for something a little more specific!


If there's one astrology app we swear by ardently, it is AstrologyZone. And there's a good reason why: Susan Miller is an absolute icon. Being a prolific astrologer and the face of Astrology Zone, you may have found yourself reading her in-depth monthly horoscopes with great interest at some point in your life.

Susan's social media presence has garnered both positive, as well as negative attention from her followers. AstrologyZone's smooth functioning app delves into two sections: an elaborate monthly essay and a shorter, daily horoscope delivered to you on routine. Apart from these, you can also check your key dates of the year and learn astrology on the app. But keep in mind, a lot of it is behind a paywall, and you might want to invest in it -- because she's that good.

There's an option of browsing through additional features, but unfortunately, those are not available on the app version. However, if you're wondering where to begin, let Susan Miller be your guide!


At a glance, UpAstrology's built (better known as UpAstro) will appear quite alike that of Co-Star's, but that's the only similar thing -- we promise. Possibly the only astrology app on our list that will give you an insight into numerology by providing you with your Life Path Number, Personality Number, Expression Number, Challenge Numbers and Sub Conscious Number.

Like any other astrology apps we've tried, UpAstro also requires the bare minimum (birthplace, time...) to whip up a neat natal chart for you. In fact, you can also check how your rising sign affects you, your personality and what your planets mean for you. If you're able to provide all the necessities to the app without trouble, you, like us, will find that their personality tab is very detailed.

Like The Pattern, you can add multiple custom profiles of your friends (secret crushes?) to check their compatibility with you. And for a free version, the app does a pretty good job of giving you more than what you've asked for! The only drawback? The app sets the bar way too high for its own good, and you're probably going to find their horoscope predictions rather substandard.


You'd know someone is invested knee-deep in astrology if they have TimePassages installed on their smartphone. Some may even argue it is a more 'serious' version of Sanctuary, as it essentially gives you the same kind of information -- in clear, non-flowery language.

TimePassages will provide you with a lot more than your daily horoscope. These include Transits, Solar Arc Progressions, Secondary Progressions, and it even allows you to compare charts with your friends! Of course, all of that (and more), only if you have the premium version. We appreciate that TimePassages has a tab titled 'learn' that helps us understand the complicated astrology jargons mentioned through the app. However, if you're someone who prefers the shallow ends does not want to invest too much time, energy (and money!) on the technical aspects, we suggest skipping this one.

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