Buying your loved one a gadget? Here is what you should keep in mind
There are several things to keep in mind before going forth and purchasing an expensive gift for

Buying your loved one a gadget? Here is what you should keep in mind

If you've thought about gifting a gadget to your loved ones this festive season, The Bridge Chronicle recommends that you keep in mind a couple of pointers.

'Tis the season to be gifting! In fact, it only gets more challenging to pick something innovative out for your loved ones every year. But there's always an option of gifting your loved one a gadget that they can use for a long time ahead. And while it may seem simple to buy someone a phone or a fancy gadget, there are often things we forget to consider. After all, there's more to gifting than plainly knowing the favourite colour of the latest iPhone! There are several things to keep in mind before going forth and purchasing an expensive gift for someone. But if you're wondering where to begin from, we have you covered with some tips you can keep in mind!

Read reviews

And we cannot stress enough on it! There's nothing like too much research when it comes to buying electronics, and more so if you're not looking to buy for yourself. Plan a few weeks ahead of time and do your homework on the device you're planning to purchase. Consider a few questions before going for it: Is this device value for money? Will this device make a quality long term gift? Will servicing this device be more expensive than the product? It is essential to go through every possible outcome and gauge the answers before investing in a gadget for your loved ones.

Browse through their company policy

No, we don't mean going through the tiny-fonts on their 'About Us' section. Gifting someone a new phone can be fun, but keep in mind that it stays with them for a good amount of time. Check if the company is willing to support the device, whether it is via updates or warranty. Go through their terms and conditions to know if they will cover damage, and if so, for how long. Do a background check on the services offered by the company, and make sure the person you're gifting has a service centre in their vicinity. And while promotions and deals appear to be promising, try not to get swayed with the attractive deals! Remember: It is always a good idea to spend a little more on a product that is willing to cover all sorts of accidents within its services.

Will they need to purchase add-ons?

Look out for additional purchases that are often unnoticed when you buy an electronic device. For instance, will your loved one have to purchase an adapter with the new iPhone? Will they require a dock for their new colour changing bulb? Make sure you consider all the possible add-ons before gifting someone a gadget. In case of no additional purchase, add a top-up to make your gift a little more special, like sending a gift voucher to streaming music services with a Bluetooth speaker. This will not only get them started with the product but will also be a thoughtful addition to the gift you've selected for them.

Keep an eye out for what they already own

Technology can be a great gift, provided it is useful to the person you're gifting. Paying attention to what your loved one regularly utilises can help you select your gift better. For instance, while gifting your grandparents, make sure the device is not too complicated to understand. After all, the last thing you want is to gift the wrong kind of device to the wrong person! Try not to purchase something that the person already owns, look outside the box to see if there is something that helps make their life more convenient.

Privacy is the key

In the era of data breaches, it is of utmost importance to find something that doesn't go against some of the most basic rules of privacy. We tend to keep a lot of personal information stored on our devices. However, while buying a smartphone for ourselves, we tend to keep these issues in mind. If you're planning on gifting a gadget from a relatively unknown company, you can quickly run a check by googling privacy concerns against its name. After all, it is best to be safe than to be sorry!

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