Five hidden features on Gmail that can help you stay productive

Most of us haven't been using Gmail to its fullest — and it shows! The Bridge Chronicle shows you five lesser-known features of your primary inbox.
Five hidden features on Gmail that can help you stay productive
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Those who use multiple Gmail accounts know that it is no surprise to find at least two of them choked with emails. Even though it is easy to use Gmail, there's a good chance you may not be utilising its features to their full potential. We're often dealing with an influx of emails from various people throughout the day. However, that in itself is not only tiring but is also a pain to clean-up! Here we have quick features (read: easy to miss) that you can use to stay organised on Gmail. Get those Monday morning blues!

Hit snooze: Your alarm isn't the only device you can hit the snooze button on! Your Gmail allows you to 'snooze' recurring emails until a date and time of your choice in the future. So, the next time you have alert emails from your bank but don't wish to mute them, you can put them off for later or when you have the time to read them.

Use labels: You may have noticed the 'labels' on the panel next to your emails. But if you've never used them, we'll tell you that you're missing out on a crucial feature in your inbox! On opening your email, you will observe an option to label your conversation, making it easier for you to find them. You can use various colours to liven up your messages and make your inbox look a little less drab.

Reading pane: Preferred second to Google is Outlook Messenger, and what we love the most about it is its 'reading pane' option for users. The idea of opening a conversation to read the messages sounds tedious and boring — especially when swamped with work. But you can change that setting to match your needs by simply clicking on inbox settings and enabling the reading pane option. You can also choose to have it either on the bottom, right or left — as per your convenience.

Undo sent email: In a perfect world, you could erase every embarrassing typo you've made (and sent!) to someone without batting an eye. Nonetheless, technology will only succeed the day we master that option. For now, Gmail gives us a window of 10 to 30 seconds to recall your message. Users can find the alternative to increase the time between 10 to 30 seconds in 'settings'.

Multiple-inbox view: Apart from having a theme that brightens up your day, you can also control how your inbox shows you your new emails. Quick settings on Gmail will allow you to choose between viewing multiple inboxes, priority-first emails, and star marked conversation.

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