Here's how you can tackle common air conditioning problems this summer

Come summer, every common problem related to air conditioners tend to resurface. We tell you how to identify and combat it.
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With the incoming summer heat, restarting your AC is going to be a must. Air conditioners (ACs), which had taken a back seat are for the past few months, are coming back to be our best friend during the scorching devil's breeze. The use of air conditioners in the summer increases drastically. However, not using them for the past few months takes a toll on the appliance, and we find ourselves rushing to our neighbourhood repairman to fix the inevitable breakdowns. But if you've already begun to face the glitches with your AC, we'll walk you through some common problems with their solutions:

Indoor and Outdoor water leaks

Over the course of the next few months, water leak might be a common problem faced by most households. The reason for water leaks from an air conditioner might be the condensate drain of the system is clogged up due to algae or fungi and causes the water to back up in the pipe and seep into your walls.

Another possible reason could be the condensation pump breaking down and in need of a dire replacement. A few other reasons for water pooling around the outside of your appliance can be the faulty dry air filter, broken condensate pan, bad AC seal, or improper installation altogether.

Before calling over a technician, try unclogging the pipe by using a vet or dry vacuum. Our advice is to always consult a technician from a trusted and reputed online after-sales service companies to prevent further problems close to the onset of summer.

AC not cooling well

Has your AC ever randomly stopped cooling? Although it is working and throwing air, the air just is not cool enough? Now, this is a problem faced by most people before and during summer. The reason being, you may have a dirty or blocked air condenser. You might also want to go ahead and check your AC filters. When the filters are dirty, it restricts the air to the evaporating coil, leading it to freeze.

An instant solution would be to obviously clean your filters and remove any debris and weed that are blocking the air circulation. You might also have to go ahead and change your filter in extreme cases. Despite that, if your air conditioner is still not cooling well, you must contact a technician and make sure it's in perfect working condition.

Failure of electric control

At times, you tend to turn on and off your air conditioner a lot, causing the compressor and fan of the air conditioner to wear out. The compressor, condenser motor, and blower motor are connected, making a connection to start the unit. A disruption in the connection due to corrosion of wires — or the terminals — can prevent the compressor and motor from turning on. During such situations, always contact a technician. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner often puts issues such as these at rest.

Higher Electricity Bill Due to low AC maintenance

Several households face a shock as soon as their first summer month bill comes knocking at the door. When the air conditioner is not looked after regularly, it might use up extra electricity to function well. In times like these, it is crucial to get somebody to check out your air conditioner and make sure no part needs repair or replacement.

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Here's why opting for an 'extended warranty' for your device is a good idea

Now that general air conditioner problems have been taken care of, let's move on to whether one should opt for On-Demand repair services, annual maintenance contract (AMC), or extended warranty during such problems.

We recommend opting for the AC Annual Maintenance & Service Plan (AMC) that helps you extend the life of your appliance. You can be sure of consistently getting cool, healthy air from your air conditioner.

Mr Kunal Mahipal is the CEO of Onsitego, a leading provider of after-sales services in India.

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