Here's how to use Twitter's audio-only feature 'Spaces'

Twitter also plans to introduce its audio-only feature for its users on its desktop versions as well.
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As Android users wait their turn to get onto the elusive audio-only app -- Clubhouse -- Twitter has introduced a similar segment for a handful of its users. Titled 'Twitter Spaces', the feature is similar to that of the live podcast app Clubhouse.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong first spotted the arrival of Spaces on the web version. "Twitter is working on @TwitterSpaces preview cards for the web app," she posted in a tweet.

What is Twitter Spaces?

The micro-blogging site has come up with a 'space' where users can join and participate in an audio-only conversation. Much like Clubhouse, anyone on Twitter will also be able to have an online discussion in a virtual room. And just like the audio-only app, Twitter Spaces will also have a moderator/host who will let you speak on your turn. The move strategically comes when invite-only, audio-chat app Clubhouse is rapidly gaining popularity among social media users.

How to use Twitter Spaces?

  • A host can create a 'space' where users can join in for a live audio discussion. Long pressing on the compose tweet button on your Twitter can reveal the spaces icon (multiple circles forming a diamond shape).

  • Any discussion you create on Spaces is public and anyone can join your virtual room -- including those who don't follow you on Twitter. You can also generate a link and invite users onto your 'Space' by sharing it with them. Additionally, you can tweet out a link to the room as well.

  • Eleven people, including the host, can speak on Twitter Spaces at a time. The host can pick out a person from the 'Everyone', 'People you follow' tab or only those who they wish to add to the list using DMs.

  • Once the live discussion begins, the host can grant or revoke permission to those who wish to speak. If you're a participant who wishes to add to the discussion, you can also tap the 'Request' icon below your microphone to alert the host.

  • There's also an option to want captions with the discussion, and users can choose if they want to see captions. But note that this feature is only available if or when the host enables it from their end. Users can tap on the 'View Captions' button in the Spaces settings.

  • Hosts also have an option to edit description and add a name to their Space. These alternatives can be modified even when their Space is active and at any given point, as they please.

  • Note: This feature is not yet available for everyone and Twitter is still testing it out.

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