Hey Google! Five ways you can use your virtual assistant more efficiently

Sure, your Google Assistant can run a search for you, but did you know about it's five lesser-known commands? The Bridge Chronicle shows you some ways you can use your virtual assistant up to its full potential.
There is very little that your Google Assistant cannot do!
There is very little that your Google Assistant cannot do!Unsplash.com

Ever since the software giant introduced it's 'Google Assistant' back in 2016, there is, in fact, very little that it cannot do. If you have spent a considerable amount of time chatting up to your virtual assistant -- well, hear it from us, you're not alone! However, apart from being an exceptional conversationalist, your virtual assistant can help you out with a lot of impressive functions.

Whether it is to look up a simple search query in a jiffy or to dim the lights in your living room -- there's a lot underneath the surface of its basic commands. However, if you haven't started utilising the power of artificial intelligence just yet, we've rounded up a list of tips and tricks that you can begin with to test its efficiency:

The good morning routine:

It is no longer crazy to wish your appliances good morning! Greeting your Google Assistant with a 'good morning' or a 'good night' can activate a bunch of customised routines for you. After wishing you back, your Google Assistant can brief you with the headlines for the day, weather predictions and put on a preferred playlist for you before you start/end your day. It can also put your phone on silent before you go to bed, and turn the volume up loud as soon as you hit it up with a 'good morning' command.

Hands-free calling, texting

Use your Google Assistant to make calls by listing your close family and friends in your 'circle'. Useful for when you're driving, this command can also help you identify your contacts and categorise them as 'Mom', 'Dad', 'Cousin', among others, if you instruct it to do so.

You can also ask your Google Assistant to send a text for you, by simply saying 'Text'. It will then ask for a name, and on selecting, you can recite your message for your assistant to type it for you. In fact, you can additionally ask for your messages to be read aloud by your Google Assistant by saying 'Read me my messages from Lily'.

Access your third-party apps

The newest feature on Google now allows your assistant to access your third party apps for you. Yes, that's right: you can finally track your Amazon parcel, or Domino's order, without having to open the app! You can customise your settings and ask Google Assistant to read news from Twitter every morning. Or if you're a step ahead into the future, your Google Assistant can help you lace up your self-lacing shoes on hearing 'Lace-up my Nike'. Futuristic, indeed.

Your Google Assistant can remember your passwords if you ask it to.
Your Google Assistant can remember your passwords if you ask it to.Flickr

Remember your passwords, important dates

If you have been using your Google Assistant for alerting you with your daily reminders, you can take it a step ahead by asking it to recall your passwords and important dates. Ask your Google Assistant to remember your office Wi-Fi password, or keep your Slack password in place for you -- so maybe the next time you can't seem to recollect your distant relative's name, you can always ask it to recall the same!

Find my phone

How many times have we misplaced our phone in the house? Too many times to be proud of! If you, like us, have a habit of leaving your phone away and forgetting about it -- your Google Assistant can help locate it for you. However, this feature is only available if you have your assistant connected to a device in the house. All you have to do is ask out the following command loud: Find my phone. This will make your phone ring (even if it is on silent) wherever it is -- and viola! You never have to lose your phone again.

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