iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 camera test: So, which one's better?

We test the iPhone 12 camera with its predecessors', and here are the results!
If you await this launch every passing year, you'd probably want to know if the upgrade is worth it.
If you await this launch every passing year, you'd probably want to know if the upgrade is worth it.The Bridge Chronicle

The launch of the iPhone 12 series took the world by storm, and rightly so -- numerous questioned if they should invest in the latest offering by the tech giant. If you're one of those who await this launch every passing year with bated breath, you'd probably want to know if the upgrade is worth it.

Although the iPhone series is best known for its augmented camera quality, it's only fair to want to consider the specs before making the 'big shift'. We went through what is otherwise the most debated topic to find out if the iPhone 12 camera measures up to its expectations. So, scroll on to find out how the iPhone 12 fared in comparison with its predecessor:

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While iPhone 11's colours stand out a tad bit more than the iPhone 12's, there's barely any difference noticed in the elements. However, we do find the iPhone 12 capturing light better while focusing.

Landscape mode
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Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have a marginal difference in the result. Apart from some accentuated colours, both the iPhones deliver the same quality of photos, despite the sunlight exposure.

Portrait mode
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Both the iPhones gives you the option of clicking pictures in portrait mode, and while the results will look slightly unnatural either way, we find the iPhone 12's finish a little more rustic. There's a definite haze in its quality, but we're ready to let go of it for the natural look it delivers.

Portrait selfie
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Perhaps the only time we observed a significant difference in the results. Not only does iPhone 11 capture colours differently in its selfie, but it also continues with the 'unnatural' blur in the background. And while that wouldn't be a problem otherwise, when compared with the iPhone 12, the results seem substandard.

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The wide-angle shots by both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 capture the maximum area efficiently. However, iPhone 11 additionally manages to capture more light within its results, giving us a better look at the lucid colours. iPhone 12's 'shadowy' finish is suitable for better lit rooms, but in this picture, we find it masking the details of the elements.

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Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have excellent detailing in this picture. Apart from the visible difference in the colour of the sky, the devices more or less deliver the same finish.

Nighttime photography

Capturing light and colour fabulously, both iPhone 11 and 12 are handy for low-light, nighttime shots. While you may find that the iPhone 12 has a more glowy, artificial finish -- there's still better detailing in the photos when compared with the iPhone 11. Both the pictures ended up with darkened edges -- however, iPhone 12 managed to shine with its overall picture quality.

Final word

Despite the punchy, obviously vivid colours that the iPhone 11 has in all its pictures, the iPhone 12 still manages to deliver a more natural finish. While there's almost negligible difference between the two, don't let the camera be a reason to hold back from the iPhone 12 (the absence of a charger, perhaps! But definitely not the camera). On the other hand, if you're only looking for a camera upgrade, the iPhone 11 does a fairly decent job and comes pretty close to what the iPhone 12 has to offer.

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