Lesser-known Netflix hacks for the binge-watcher in you

Have a binge-watch session planned but don't know how to make the most of it? The Bridge Chronicle has curated a list of hacks for your Netflix account.
You can erase your Netflix history or disable auto play for a more seamless experience.
You can erase your Netflix history or disable auto play for a more seamless experience.The Bridge Chronicle

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the largest OTT content providers in the world — and why shouldn't it be? It is home to some fantastic titles that absolutely justify its steep streaming rates. Today, it boasts 200 million global subscribers and is now considered a holy bible for film and television enthusiasts. We know we can't thank it enough for being around on our dull, rainy days or sleepover nights!

However, in a sea of internationally curated content, it isn't surprising to lose your way. Unfortunately for us, its algorithm also prevents us from discovering some of its hidden gems and brilliant creations that remain buried away. With experience, we can say that it takes us more time to select a movie than spending time watching it! That said, Netflix is super convenient — but it also requires a guide every now and then to navigate yourself through it. There are several ways of getting around its algorithm, and perhaps we'd need a part two for this series! But for now, here are a few basic (yet essential) hacks that you should bookmark for your next binge-watching session:

Delete your viewing history

Choose what you want to keep in your viewing history on Netflix.
Choose what you want to keep in your viewing history on Netflix.Netflix

You may not think this is a vital hack, but if you share your screen with your family -- or more importantly, children -- you might want to hide Mirzapur from your viewing history! Or if you're afraid your friends might roast you for watching a Korean love story, you may need this one handy. However, if you want to leave the "cool" shows behind, you can do that by selectively erasing your history from your Netflix.

Visit Account > Drop down your profile menu > click on Viewing Activity. On opening it, you will find your viewing history listed day by day. Click on the X mark to delete whatever you'd wish to eliminate from your profile. Viola! So, the next time your significant other complains that you watched another episode without them — you can sneak your way out with this hack.

Disable your autoplay

Users can choose between several playback options on Netflix settings.
Users can choose between several playback options on Netflix settings.Netflix

Netflix is exceptional, yes, but it does get annoying every once in a while when it randomly auto-plays new titles on loud. And while we appreciate their efforts in getting us interested in novel shows, it is disruptive to a certain extent — and there's no reason why we wouldn't get rid of it. So, here's a step-by-step guide to disable your autoplay on Netflix. You can thank us later!

Step one: Open your Netflix desktop or mobile version. Click on the profiles section; you will find an Accounts subsection.

Step two: On clicking the Accounts subsection, you will find a list of names. Locate your profile on the list, click the drop-down menu. You will see a list of options, including profile lock, language, etc. Select the Playback option from this list.

Step three: As shown in the image, pick your preferred option from the list, and press the Save button.

Flip your Netflix screen

You can flip your video to 90 degrees with Netflip extension for Netflix.
You can flip your video to 90 degrees with Netflip extension for Netflix.Netflix Netflip

You settle down to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show, and in less than two hours, you find yourself in a horizontal position. After that, no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to find a comfortable spot to watch the show, and you wind up going to bed earlier than you'd imagine. If this has happened to you before, you don't have to be embarrassed at all -- because you're unquestionably not alone!

What if we tell you there's a fix for this problem? To put an end to this universal dilemma, there's a Netflix Flip Chrome extension that you can enable for your laptop. After using this extension, your video will flip to 90 degrees — which means you don't have to struggle with your laptop and adjust your pillows awkwardly. All you have to do is download the Netflip extension from Chrome's web store and enable it for yourself. Yes, this is what we mean when we say the future is here!

Binge with your friends with Netflix Party

Netflix Party allows you to stream movies with your friends.
Netflix Party allows you to stream movies with your friends.Chrome Web Store

The pandemic has brought us to a standstill, and it will be a while before we can plan another sleepover movie marathon on Netflix. And while Zoom screen sharing can only help so much, there's always something missing when it comes to enjoying a movie with your friends. However, Chrome extensions are God sent at a time like this.

Another extension, known as Netflix Party, will allow you to live chat with your friends whilst streaming your favourite shows together. Similar to Netflip, you can download Netflix Party from Google's web store. After you've enabled it, make yourself the host and send a viewing link to your friends. Remember to click on the 'NP' icon on your dashboard before you begin your party! Despite a few glitches, this extension still works smoothly, and you can chat to your heart's content while watching your favourite show. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that those who wish to be a part of this 'party' will be required to have a Netflix account of their own. But an inside tip: You can still use the same credentials for everyone.

Listen to the audio-only version of your favourite shows

You can toggle between Audio and Video only options on Netflix.
You can toggle between Audio and Video only options on Netflix.Netflix

Netflix recently came up with a feature that allows users to tune in to an audio version of selective titles. This extension is an excellent addition for those with hearing imparities or those who want to enjoy an audio-only version of a show they remember scene by scene. So, the next time you're hoping to catch up on FRIENDS on a busy day, you can simply locate the audio-only features in the subtitles section of the series. Switch to Audio Description, and you'll find a narrator narrating what's happening on screen. While it may sound complicated, it is actually very straightforward to use this feature. And whether you're taking a walk or trying to get yourself to sleep, this addition works wonderfully!

So, the next time you're on Netflix, you may not remember to use these features. However, if you're hoping to make your streaming experience memorable, return to these features and make your binge-watch session a seamless one.

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