Android 11: Here are six cool features that you can try out on your new OS
Google has managed to slip in a couple of tweaks here and there that are quite the welcome change in the interface.Google Support

Android 11: Here are six cool features that you can try out on your new OS

The Android 11 upgrade is full of exciting tips and tricks. The Bridge Chronicle walks you through the best ones.

Google dropped its Android 11 update early in September, but it will be a while before you see the change appearing in all its phones. Till date, the software giant has informed about the update rolling out for Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo phones. However, whether you're one of those lucky few who already has it or someone who's waiting on it, Android 11 is worth the delay, indeed! Google has managed to slip in a couple of tweaks here and there that are quite the welcome change in the interface. Here are six things we love about the new Android 11:

1) New messages notification: Android 11 has simplified your messages by adding a new 'conversations' option for skimming through your texts. This change prioritises the conversations you care about and shows it on top if you mark it as a priority. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this feature, too, can get pretty confusing if you add too many to your priority section!

2) 'Bubbles' - everywhere!: Messaging is made all-the-more manageable on Android 11 with the bubbles feature. Similar to Facebook Messenger chat heads, messaging bubbles will make your life effortless and allow you to text whilst multi-tasking. In order to activate this feature, all you have to do is tap on the small bubbles icon on the right of your conversation. This action will initiate the thread conversation, and you can use it over any app in your list. You may also mark a conversation as a priority, and it will always show up in bubbles for that chat.

3) Built-in screen record: Screen-recording has never been easier! If you've always struggled to record your screen in the previous versions, you're going to love what Android 11 has to offer. You can add the screen record option in your quick settings panel and access it at ease when required. So, the next time you want to show your gaming skills off, you don't have to look too far for the record option!

4) Better media controls: You don't have to worry about Spotify disappearing from your task manager now, as you can have access to media controls in the quick access bar with Android 11! This new control box, which will show up as soon as you begin playing music, will allow you to play, pause and skip songs conveniently.

5) You can get notified to 'critical sounds': Designed primarily for those with a hearing disability, Android 11 can give you push notifications for 'critical sounds' around you. It can pick up sounds such as a dog barking, water running, or a baby crying, and notify you in the form of a push notification. You can avail this feature by turning on this new function through Settings > Accessibility > Sound Notifications.

6) Privacy is a priority: Keeping in mind the sensitivity linked with privacy in today's time, Android 11 has made sure to keep the device more secure this time around. Users can choose to opt for 'one-time permission', which will prompt them to permit an app whenever required. In fact, if you haven't used an app for a very long time, Android 11 auto-resets the permissions and notifies you about the same.

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