Buying a refurbished device? Here is your checklist!

If you're looking to purchase a refurbished phone, here is a list that will ensure you make the best decision.
Buying a refurbished device? Here is your checklist!
It is crucial to inventory all your content before you accept

As per a report, the need and demand for refurbished devices, especially smartphones have gone up significantly. They have seen quite a hype during COVID-19. With work and education moving online, people are finding a way to buy affordable products that offer convenience and quality.

At the moment, about 32 per cent of the study participants made a decision to invest in refurbished gadgets because of the remote working culture, while nearly 26 per cent of them invested in refurbished products for their families due to factors like digital learning, entertainment as well as work.

So, if you are also planning to hop onto the bandwagon, then here are some pointers that we have collated for you in order to make the best decision:

Make the distinction between used and refurbished

Typically, any used product is something that is resold by a certain individual. These are just not a purchasing ideal for a business environment. Refurbished devices, especially phones at the moment make a better choice for both-repeat and bulk purchases. It is re-tooled by certified technicians and refurbishers provide a warranty on them. We recommend you put your hard-earned money into buying from a trusted organisation. Before you get lured into the product, proper research in picking the supplier will surely help you a lot. Check out their reviews, history as well as ratings to ensure that you earn from a reputable place.

Set the expectation high for a vendor

Apart from just buying a good product, you would also need a supplier who offers live customer services and also user-friendly returning policies. It is best to choose a supplier who does not only offer a good selection for products but also prioritises live customer service. They are also big on user-friendly and return policies. Beware that there are some sellers who are on the fence for stolen devices, so basically, your research at such a time would definitely come in handy. Check out reviews and ensure they have a legitimate website and address so that you know where you are putting your money.

Make sure to read the warranty and the fine lines

It is crucial to assess the policy details which involve protection as well as returning and exchanging equipment. The minimum requirement to look in a policy entails a six-month warranty and also a return policy of three to seven days. The policies should also be clear for all devices that you buy. Ensure that you get clarity for all devices that you are planning to buy.

Try to stick to the same supplier or vendor

You are most definitely inviting in chaos if you go to different suppliers and equipment sellers. This puts you in an entire cycle of researching over and over again. It also puts you in a hodgepodge of documents, warranties, discount pricing and much more. It's best to establish one supplier for all your equipment needs. Also, rely on just one supplier for every device for convenience. So even if you want different vendors, get a trusted one for your phone's, one for laptops, so on and so forth.

Check all that’s in the box

It is crucial to inventory all your content before you accept it. We often tend to go for the big fish and forget about the little accessories that were promised to you. For instance, a power cable, earphones, stylus; whatever was promised is present in the device. So, make sure you don’t pay off without getting the right deal.

For whatever reason may be, we as tech enthusiasts tend to swap products every now and then. It’s best to get to refurbished products and save up on money and quality too! With the aforementioned qualities, you surely can get yourself the best product.

(Mr Krunal Shah is the co-founder of Qarmatek, an after-sales partner for the likes of world's largest e-commerce platforms and India's largest DTH providers among others.)

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