Soon, you will be able to get yourself verified on Twitter!

Hoping to get the blue tick on Twitter? The Bridge Chronicle walks you through the micro-blogging site's new verification policy.
Twitter will soon allow users to apply for verification again.
Twitter will soon allow users to apply for verification again.The Bridge Chronicle

Twitter's most elusive often wear the blue tickmark as their badge of honour. Yet, the micro-blogging site hasn't allowed new accounts for verification ever since 2017. That said, Twitter is now rolling back to its old verification model, according to a report in its blog. The micro-blogging site additionally mentions how they aim to clarify the verification eligibility criteria and have launched a new policy shaped by public feedback.

Why was the original model scrapped?

Ideally, Twitter allows a blue badge to a select few public figures or celebrities. However, there was no clarification on the allotment for a while. It revoked its verification criteria in 2017 for its users after it was confused for endorsements.

What does it mean to be verified on Twitter?

According to the blog, the Twitter verification badge is a blue tick mark that helps people distinguish the authenticity of accounts of high public interest. Those marked with It gives people on Twitter more context about who they're having discussions with so they can determine if it's trustworthy, which our research has shown leads to healthier, more informed conversations.

How to get yourself verified on Twitter

Twitter's new policy now allows users to get themselves verified. So, if you were hoping to get recognised for your work on Twitter — now is actually a good time to apply to verify your account. However, if you're wondering how to go about the same, we have a step by step guide for you that will take you through the process.

Step 1: Log into your Twitter app using an Android/iOS device.

Step 2: On the top left corner, you will find three lines indicating a panel.

Step 3: After clicking the same, a panel will slide out showing you options such as Profile, Lists, Topics, Bookmarks etc.

Step 4: Choose Settings & Privacy option on the list. Within that, you will find Account settings.

Step 5: You will see Verification among your other details, including username, password, security.

Wait, what if I can't see it there?

If you can't see the verification option, don't worry, as Twitter has slowly begun rolling it out for all its users.

Who can get verified via this policy?

According to its blog, Twitter qualifies the below mentioned six categories listed eligible for verification:

  • Government

  • Companies, brands and organisations

  • News organisations and journalists

  • Entertainment

  • Sports and gaming

  • Activists, organisers, and other influential individuals

While the list of eligibility is limited as of now, Twitter plans to introduce more categories either this year or later. These will include scientists, academics, and religious leaders, among others.

Once you've applied for verification, Twitter will display a blue badge on your profile post-approval. However, in case you haven't been approved, you can reapply 30 days after the rejection.

How can you apply to get verified?

Over the next few weeks, everyone on Twitter will start to see the new verification application directly in the Account Settings tab. If you don't see this update immediately today, don't worry! Twitter is gradually rolling it out to everyone by ensuring that they can review applications promptly.

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