Twitter: Soon, you will be able to send your favourite accounts money!

Twitter introduces Tipjar for viral tweets and Twitter accounts. Here's what you should know about it.
Tip Jar on Twitter can be linked to your payment services to receive money.
Tip Jar on Twitter can be linked to your payment services to receive money. The Bridge Chronicle

If you're one of the chosen few who's experienced the thrill of a viral tweet, you already know how it works. You wake up to a flurry of notifications, your phone won't stop ringing, and you've suddenly gained a thousand more followers. In fact, it makes you wonder why you can't make a living out of your tweets. Well, Twitter has made sure to solve that problem — at least!

Twitter has been in the news for a lot of reason in the past couple of months. Whether it is censoring crucial information in India or introducing Spaces as part of its features -- the micro-blogging website is constantly evolving, and users have tried to keep up with its changes. However, a recent addition by the social media giant includes an option to tip your favourite accounts to tell them you like their content. Known as 'Tip jar', this new addition will help users gain traction for the causes they support and will not require a separate tweet mentioning their PayPal or Venmo account.

How does Tip Jar work?

How to tip your favourite user on Twitter.
How to tip your favourite user on Twitter.Twitter

Introduced for users who want to drive attention to other causes (or simply for those who want to earn), you can locate Tip Jar on a profile page -- only if a user has enabled it. "Tip Jar is an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation on Twitter," the micro-blogging website wrote on its blog on Wednesday. "This is a first step in our work to create new ways for people to receive and show support on Twitter – with money," it further added.

This feature makes sure that everyone on Twitter can send tips to each other — viral or not. Additionally, Twitter also mentioned how it is not eligible to get a cut out of the Tip Jar. "Everyone using Twitter in English can send tips to applicable accounts on Twitter for iOS and Android," the blog read. "You drive the conversation on Twitter and we want to make it easier for you to support each other beyond Follows, Retweets, and Likes," it added.

To tip someone you know on Twitter, they will first have to enable the option on their profile. You will identify if they've approved the alternative on their account if there's a Tip Jar icon next to their display picture. On tapping the icon, it will take you to a list of payment services or platform that they've linked to their profile. Further, you will be taken off Twitter to the payment page, where you can show your support in the amount you choose.

Which payment services are currently available for Twitter?

Currently, not a lot of platforms are available for Tip Jar on Twitter. However, the services you can add today include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. In fact, Android users may also send their tips within Spaces.

Who are eligible to have a Tip Jar?

For now, Twitter has limited the number of people who can enable the Tip Jar feature for themselves. These include creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits. "For now, a limited group of people around the world who use Twitter in English can add Tip Jar to their profile and accept tips," the blog continued. "Soon, more people will be able to add Tip Jar to their profile and we'll expand to more languages," it concluded.

How to set up Tip Jar for my account?

How to set up Tip Jar for yourself on Twitter
How to set up Tip Jar for yourself on TwitterTwitter

If you fall under any of the abovementioned categories, you can go to your profile and click on Edit Profile. You will then find a Tip Jar toggle feature on the menu. You will be required to toggle it up to enable it for yourself. Choose from the list of payment services that you wish to receive your tips. It is important to note that you will need a prior account in any of these services if you pick them. Viola! That's all you need to get yourself some tips on the micro-blogging site. Happy Tipping!

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