Balochistan Liberation Army allegedly behind the Pakistan Stock Exchange insurgent attack

Balochistan Liberation Army allegedly behind the Pakistan Stock Exchange insurgent attack

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) in Karachi was attacked by four gunmen, on Monday morning. According to reports, it is alleged that the terrorists were a part of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) who were shot by the security forces.

For the longest time, Pakistan summons India for their 'support' to Baloch separatists and militants. Although, India has always denied the allegation(s). 

Balochistan Liberation Army group headed by Hyrbayair Marri is a Baloch Secessionist Militant Group. The video of the gunmen attacking PSE has been viral, and the terrorists were supposedly a part of BLA's Majeed Brigade, which was named after Abdul Majeed Baloch, the BLA commander. 

The four terrorists who attacked PSE are identified as Tasleem Baloch (Muslim), Shehzad Baloch (Cobra), Salman Hammal (Notak), and Siraj Kungur (Yaagi).

Pakistani media reports suggest the attackers were prepared with food supplies and ammunition in their backpacks for a long drawn operation. This would be the second attack in Karachi if it is proven the attackers belonged to BLA.

Pakistan's business capital, Karachi was previously attacked in November 2018 by the BLA. The attack was on a Chinese consulate situated in the city, which killed four people - two of them were visa applicants, and the two were police applicants. However, the three terrorists involved then were shot down by the security forces.

The Monday morning attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange is considered to have a 'Chinese' angle to it. A 2016 report in Pakistan newspaper suggests, three Chinese Exchanges - China Financial Futures Exchange Company Limited, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange were sold 40 per cent of strategic shares by the PSE. According to the Dawn newspaper, the transaction cost around $85 billion.

BLA has attacked Chinese and Pakistani Govt officials in Balochistan province, the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber claiming 13 lives in December 2011. Another such attack took place on a bus in Dalbandin, yet again it was a suicide attack to hurt Chinese engineers. The attack injured three Chinese nationals.

The Chinese presence in Balochistan is strongly condemned by the BLA group and members of Majeed Brigade. Previously, an attack was also carried out by the Majeed Brigade in Gwadar, a five-star hotel in Pakistan, where Chinese delegations would stay. 

According to media reports, as many as eight people were killed - four hotel employees, three attackers and one soldier. Soon after the attack, a viral video circulated across all social media platforms, it can be seen, a member of Majeed Brigade warning China's President, "President Xi Jinping you still have time to get out of Balochistan or you will witness retaliation from Baloch sons and daughters you will never forget."

The video went viral last year on Twitter and other social media websites.

In a media brief, PICSS claims BLA funds are supported by India and Afganistan, and Hyrbyair Marri, leader of the BLA "enjoys the patronage of anti-Pakistan forces."

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