It’s not just India, China has border disputes with 20 other nations

It’s not just India, China has border disputes with 20 other nations

Amid the India-China border tensions, US President Donald Trump intervened in the middle of the ongoing clash and claimed that the violent step taken by Beijing in Ladakh matches with the wide pattern of Chinese hostility in various parts of the world.

Trump’s officials did not spoke or revealed much about the aggression of China in other parts as such but they asserted that this move by China is clear cut evidence of its attempt to widen its position in respect to border clashes. China’s attempt to expand border tensions has been referred to as ‘rogue attitude’ by The United States, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as he recently declared the US supercarriers movement in the Indo Pacific region to counter-attack the hostile nature of China.

According to the Beijing observers, China has an age-old history of racism and ethnocentrism against foreigners. The horror of the Middle Kingdom was worsened two centuries back and as an outcome, China has the opinion that it is the only advanced country with power in the world and other countries are its enemy.

China had several territorial clashes with India and other 20 neighbouring countries over the procurement of land and sea. On several occasions, China has received severe criticism over its ‘expansionist policies’ by the international community.

It has been in clashes for several years with Brunei, Philippines and Malaysia over the claims of certain parts of South China Sea including Spratly Islands. There has been an ongoing dispute with Indonesia over claims of fishing rights, Natuna Zone and Economic Zone of Indonesia.  While China’s Clash with Laos and Cambodia continues over historical dynasties. Singapore is one such country that strives for navigational freedom and settlement of disputes but China has been in conflict with the country for a long time. Japan’s conflict with China also revolves around the South China Sea including Senkaku Islands, Ryukyu Islands and certain parts of the East China Sea.

Tensions between Vietnam and China are over the South China Sea, Macclesfield Bank, Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands. A Vietnamese fishing boat moving in the Paracel Islands was thrust by a Chinese ship last month that was a sign of Beijing’s efforts to enforce a unilateral fishing ban in South China sea parts against the other country’s watercraft.

Now talking about border tensions between India and China, China occupies 38,000 sq km of the Indian Territory in parts of Akshay Chin apart staking a claim on parts of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. This policy of colonization led to the present situation of a violent standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

Apart from this, China has historical and pending border disputes with Nepal, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

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