Pune: Applicants want Fergusson College to simplify its online admission process

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Pune: Soon after the declaration of the Class XII results, the admission process for bachelor's courses has begun in the state by many renowned colleges. With the form filling process at Fergusson College (FC) shifting to the online platform, pupils from rural areas and visually challenged students are reportedly facing issues to complete the admission process through the online medium. Many have requested a detailed video elaborating on completing the process online to break it down for them in simpler terms so that they can easily finish the process without much delay and hesitation.

The present students of Fergusson College have now come to the rescue of the applicants, assisting them with the process making it easier for them to apply for admissions online.

Talking about the same issue to Mirror, Vishal Palve, a third-year physics student from the college who was also coordinating Sarthi (a group for students with special needs), has written to the college to bring in a simpler process of admission to help the students and the parents who are struggling with the complexity of the current process. Palve added, "We have also started taking a survey for such students as it is not possible for them to come to the college physically in light of the pandemic."

He told Mirror that, "As soon as the admission procedure started, I received many calls from our visually challenged students regarding the incomprehensible procedure of admission and the difficulties they are facing. Even students from rural areas are facing issues with the admission process that is issued online as of now due to the lockdown restrictions." He also added that students fear they might miss out on bagging a seat if the form is not filled on time as there is a tight competition to get admission in these colleges.

A student who wishes to pursue a master's in English from Delhi also complained about the admission process and the difficulty in getting online admission. Based on anonymity, she told Mirror, "I have requested the management for a simpler method to complete the process of my admission."

A visually challenged student had to take her brother's help and claimed even he faced difficulty in guiding her as there are sometimes uncertainties that the students cannot clear as they are all by themselves when filling the problem. There is also the worry and anxiety of filling in wrong information which may lead to rejection of their application for admission. The candidate's brother said, "I contacted students who are helping fill up the forms. Having a detailed video guide will make it easy for all those finding this process difficult."

Dr Ravindrasinh Pardeshi, principal, Fergusson College told the Mirror, "We have tried and made the process simpler. Also, students from Sarthi will be helping fill their forms. Being completely online, even fee payment will be done digitally this year."

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