Flavoured whisky is all the rage this festive season

Flavored whiskies have seen amazing consumer acceptance in recent years
Flavoured whisky is all the rage this festive season

Sitting with a buddy chatting about the good old times? Celebrating the season with a bunch of friends? Bonding with your old man on a quiet evening at home? A good whisky to accompany these moments makes all the difference. And then there's gifting over the season, one can never go wrong presenting a bottle of world renowned flavour.

Jack Daniel's launched its newest product in India - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple an apple flavoured whisky. With American whiskey currently experiencing such a renaissance and flavoured whiskies being the choice of the season, we caught up with Vinay Joshi, Marketing Manager - Indian Sub Continent & Maldives, Brown-Forman to give us an insight into the trend, the brand and why the new launch makes for the perfect gift this season.

The legacy of Jack Daniel's

Established by Jasper 'Newton' Daniel and Officially registered by the U.S. Government in 1866 and based in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the Jack Daniel Distillery is the first registered distillery in the United States.

Jack Daniel chose the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee - a 2 stoplight town with a population ~ 600, for the cave spring in the hollow which produced perfect iron free water for making his Whiskey. Almost every family in Lynchburg has someone working at the brand's Distillery.

It is steeped in history with a unique production process that has been carefully kept consistent for more than 150 years. Every drop is made in the place where Jack Daniel established his distillery in 1866, proof that mastering a craft with a focus on quality can propel a brand beyond borders and cultures. The whiskey is charcoal mellowed, a unique process to Tennessee and the reason why it's a Tennessee Whiskey and not a Bourbon. The whiskey is then matured in brand new American oak barrels crafted at its own cooperage.

Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, TennesseeCOOLHUNTING

Today, it is a true global icon sold in more than 170 countries around the world and is the most valuable spirits brand in the world as recognized by Interbrand.

Why is the new launch perfect for the festive season?

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple is one of the latest innovations for Jack Daniel's Trademark. It is crafted from the iconic Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, charcoal mellowed drop by drop and matured in new American oak barrels, and apple liqueur made from the highest quality ingredients to deliver a unique Jack Daniel's experience. Jack Apple is a deliciously smooth and refreshing apple-flavored whiskey that's uniquely Jack. "I think it is a perfect blend of crisp, green apples enhanced by the sweet bold notes of Jack. It is almost like a freshly picked apple in a glass of Jack, making it a great gifting option as well as for special occasions," believes Joshi

Jack Apple an appropriate Diwali gift

In my opinion, says Joshi, the new flavour appeals perfectly to the evolving consumer tastes and preferences and is perfect for consumers looking to try something new and unique this festive season. Flavored whiskies have seen amazing consumer acceptance and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple is a great addition to that as it brings together two complementary tastes in a new way.

In addition, to catch the fervour of the festive season, the brand has come out with special edition Diwali edition packs for the flagship Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and Gentleman Jack which are sure to attract consumers.

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