Savour the Korean Flavours at these Korean Eateries in Pune

Craving for delectable Korean cuisine? Pune has got you covered with some of the best eateries across the city! The trending Korean food can now be enjoyed at varied spots in Pune.
Savour the Korean Flavours at these Korean Eateries in Pune
Savour the Korean Flavours at these Korean Eateries in Pune Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

The love for all things ‘Korean’ is limitless! The Hallyu (wave of Korean pop-culture) effect has got us all grooving to K-pop, binge-watching K-dramas and filling our shopping carts with K-beauty solutions. As Korean culture continues to gain love worldwide, many are also exploring the food from the land of morning calm. Watching the leads of K-drama enjoying warm hotteok in the snowy streets of Seoul or slurping a hot bowl of ramyeon makes us crave Korean dishes. Worry not, Hallyu enthusiasts from Pune! The city has some of the best options for you to relish the taste of Korea. Here are some of the best Korean eateries in Pune.

Seoul Bunsik, Koregaon Park

Indulge in some of the best Korean street-specials at Seoul Bunsik in Koregaon Park, Pune. The place includes a wide variety of popular Korean dishes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. From tteokbokki, corn dogs, bibimbap to refreshing beverages like kombucha, this cafe in Pune will surely have all your Korean cravings fixed!

KINI, Koregaon Park

Run by two Korean chefs and a local architect, KINI offers authentic Korean Flavours for you to relish. With dishes like Korean-style fried chicken, tteokbokki, fried tofu, gimbap, Korean pancakes, unique ice creams and more on its menu, you can also buy some Kimchi to store at home from this place. With its delicious menu, KINI will surely become your next favourite eatery in Pune!

Iya’s Korean Kitchen, Pashan

A dream full-course Korean meal is now not far away as Iya's Korean Kitchen brings it for you to Pune! This restaurant promises authentic dishes and a flavourful experience to all. Enjoy Korean soups, jjigae, bibimbap and some banchan (side dishes) for a complete Korean meal experience. The place also includes a variety of small plate dishes and beverages to choose from. 

K, Aundh

To savour some of the best noodles and authentic Korean dishes, K is the place to go! The restaurant serves varied Korean ramen options along with popular Korean dishes such as gimbap, mandu, fried rice, and more. At K, you will get the best offers and unique flavours, making it your best Korean food experience in Pune.

Along with other unique cafés and restaurants option from the city, visit these Korean eateries in Pune as well and make your loved ones fall in love with Korean food! 

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