Here's why you should probably let them know how you feel

Should you tell them, or should you steer clear of the risky path? The Bridge Chronicle tells you why expressing yourself is healthy.
Here's why you should probably let them know how you feel
Expressing yourself is healthy and a lot of people appreciate the act of coming clean. The Bridge Chronicle

Films have shown love to be the most straightforward emotion since time immemorial. We're made to believe that no matter how complicated it gets, there is still a happy ending to every love story. But that is far from true; real life, more often than not, does not always imitate the 'art' on screen. It begins with a fleeting thought and ends after a million little technicalities interrupt the idea of 'love'. Whether it is religion, distance or beliefs — several factors come to play right after you say "I love you".

But despite that, there's no denying that the moments leading up to the big confession are exciting and the most crucial part of your relationship. They not only define how the relationship will be — they also speak volumes about a person and the way they choose to confess. We think it is common knowledge that when someone says "if you like someone, tell them", it is easier said than done! The risks involved are plenty, unquestionably, but there's also an added danger of losing this person as your friend. And who wants that, now? But that said, it is equally important to let this person know that you like them if it is causing you to bottle up your emotions. It gets things moving and also gives you the closure you need. So, if you were hoping for a sign from the universe, we have five to tell you why it is crucial to let them know. Read on to find out more:

They probably don't know about your feelings

You might think you're all over the place, but they may have no idea about what you're feeling! Especially if you're friends with them, there's a good chance that your actions and gestures are mistaken or taken for granted. Ross and Rachel didn't invent the friendzone for you to get stuck in it! They highlighted it so you could learn from them. Letting them know is the easiest way to escape this so-called friendzone. And who knows, it might also get them thinking about you.

They will appreciate you even more

It is always nice to know when someone likes you, but it is nicer when they say it instead of hiding it. More often than not, those who take initiatives are considered attractive and confident. And we can't stress enough how important it is to assert your confidence! Taking the leap of faith first can also help them express their feelings to you (if there are any). And there's no harm in taking that step.

It will cut through the games

There's no guarantee that expressing yourself out to this person will change anything, but it does guarantee mental peace. The 'will they, won't they' chase is fun but only to a point until it starts becoming repetitive. The drama that unfolds with uncertainty can only lead to situationships, and who on earth would like to be stuck in that limbo? If there are mixed signals from this person, you might find yourself putting an end to all the misunderstandings by letting them know.

Expressing yourself is healthy and a lot of people appreciate the act of coming clean.
Are you in a 'situationship'? Here are common signs to watch out for

It will give you the closure you deserve

There's a sliver of a chance that confessing your feeling will get you rejected. But if that's what it takes to get yourself out of the misery, so be it! Remember, you're better off knowing what they feel instead of whiling away your time thinking about the possible outcomes. Of course, you may have to see this person every day, and it might get awkward for a while. But making sure there are no feelings will help you return to normalcy as soon as possible.

You might miss your chance

For all you know, this person might also be looking for the right time to let you know! But as the proverb goes, time waits for no one. If you find yourself stuck in a loop, you may not even realise that time is slipping by. Letting them know could make you both happy or rip the bandaid when required. So, good luck!

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